2017 Board of Education Committees and Representatives

  • Activities Liaison –   Jim Skelly-LN, Bob Erickson-LS       Meet as needed
  • LTFM/Cap Project Committee – Kathy Lewis, Bob Erickson, Jim Skelly*  Meet as needed
  • Association of Metropolitan School Districts – Bob Erickson, Lisa Snyder     Meet monthly
  • Audit Committee (FAC reps & Bd Chair) – Bob Erickson, Judy Keliher, Michelle Volk*  Meet as needed
  • Chemical Health/Mental Health Coalition – Kathy Lewis      Meet 7 times per year
  • Community Education Advisory Committee Rep – Kathy Lewis   Meet Bi-Monthly
  • District 917 Board Rep – Bob Erickson  Meet monthly
  • District Shared Leadership – Terry Lind  Meet monthly
  • Downtown Lakeville Business Association – Steve Porter (dist rep), Kathy Lewis  Meet monthly
  • Educational Equity & Excellence Advisory Council – Michelle Volk   Meet 4-5 times per year
  • Finance Advisory Council – Judy Keliher, Bob Erickson  Meet quarterly
  • Gifted Advisory Council – Terry Lind     Meet 5 times per year
  • Lakeville Arenas Board – Jim Skelly, Michael Baumann    Meet monthly
  • Lakeville Arenas Operations Committee – Jim Skelly, Michael Baumann   Meet as needed
  • Long Term Facilities Planning Committee – Judy Keliher, Terry Lind  1st Wed every other month
  • Meet and Confer Committee Rep      Ad hoc
  • MSBA Delegate Assembly – Judy Keliher, Kathy Lewis     Annually
  • MNCAPS Advisory Council – Judy Keliher, Terry Lind    TBD
  • Multiple Agency Collaborative Advisory Council – Board Chair, Judy Keliher     Meet as needed
  • Personnel Committee – Michelle Volk, Terry Lind, Bob Erickson*   Meet as needed
  • Policy Advisory Committee – Judy Keliher, Michelle Volk    Meet monthly
  • Rep Assembly Member to Metro ECSU – Board Chair      Annual Fall Meeting
  • Special Education Advisory Committee Rep – Terry Lind     Meet 2nd Thur every month Sept-May
  • Teaching & Learning Advisory Council Rep – Michelle Volk       Meet 2nd Mon every month
  • Technology Advisory Council – Judy Keliher, Michelle Volk   Meet quarterly
  • TIES Rep – Jim Skelly, Lisa Snyder     Meet monthly for executive mtg, Annually for rep
  • MSHSL – Board rep/designee-Region 1AA, Sub Region 4 – Jim Skelly

*acting members until BOE discusses purpose of standing committees 1/10/17

  • Transportation Safety Zone Committee – Judy Keliher, Terry Lind 4/11/17

Committee Meeting Dates

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