Departments & Services


Tony Massaros
Executive Director of Administrative Services
Phone: 952-232-2010


Amy Olson
Director of Communications
Phone: 952-232-2004

  • Marketing
  • Publications
  • News and media relations
  • Photography and video
  • Website


Jason Molesky
Executive Director of Technology and Data Services
Phone: 952-232-2024

Lakeville Area Public Schools is committed to providing  students and staff with access to the latest 21st century technology that is used in daily instruction. Technology provides learning experiences to our students and staff that allows them to address diverse learning, provides the means to communicate globally, and improves academic achievement.


Jason Molesky
Executive Director of Technology and Data Services
Phone: 952-232-2024

The improvement efforts of Lakeville Area Public Schools are focused through a framework of seven performance categories. These categories extend beyond our traditional focus of academic achievement to provide a system-wide approach to continuous review and improvement.

Renae M. Ouillette
Executive Director of Special Education and Student Services:
Phone: 952-232-2011

Lakeville’s special education department serves approximately 1,600 children age birth through 21 with a variety of disabilities.

Executive Director of Student Services and Special Education

Renae Ouillette: 952-232-2017

Student Services Administrative Assistant
Mary Moody: 951-232-2025

The department includes Student Enrollment, English Learner Services, Health Services, Mental Health Services, and more. The department strives to provide top-notch service to students and their families to achieve world class, personalized learning for every student.

Barbara Knudsen
Executive Director of Teaching and Learning Services
Phone: 952-232-2026

Lakeville Area Public School District offers a comprehensive district-wide curriculum.


Dr. Emily McDonald
Director of Equity and Innovation Services
Phone: 952-232-3060

The mission of Equity Services is to close the achievement gap by supporting students, families, staff and the community.


Steven Porter
Director of Community Education
Phone: 952-232-2151

The Community Education program was initiated in 1972. It was inspired by the lighted school philosophy which held that school facilities should be open to communities beyond the normal school day because of their value in community building and because they belonged to the taxpayers. It includes programs for pre-K, school-age children and adults.

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