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Continuous Improvement – Department of Program Evaluation and Accountability

The vision of the Lakeville Area Public Schools is to provide world-class, personalized learning ensuring success for every student. To achieve that vision, Lakeville Area Public Schools is committed to evaluating its strengths and opportunities for improvement in a continuous improvement process.

The improvement efforts of Lakeville Area Public Schools are focused through a framework of seven performance categories. These categories extend beyond our traditional focus of academic achievement to provide a system-wide approach to continuous review and improvement.

Education criteria for performance excellence

  • Leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Customer focus
  • Measurement, analysis and knowledge management
  • Workforce focus
  • Operations focus
  • Results

* Source: Baldrige Performance Excellence Program

The Department of Program Evaluation and Accountability provides the resources and support necessary to facilitate continuous improvement efforts across the Lakeville Area Public Schools system.

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Information & Forms

Parent/Guardian Information and Refusal Form

Minnesota Statutes, section 120B.31, subdivision 4a requires MDE to publish a form for parents/guardians to complete if they refuse to have their student participate in state-required standardized assessments. This form, along with information on statewide testing, has been posted to the Students and Families Statewide Testing page. Access the documents on the MDE website (MDE website > Students and Families > Statewide Testing).

Each district determines what documentation they require for parent refusals and may continue to collect them as they have in the past. While parents/guardians may submit the form posted on the MDE website, districts may request additional documentation if they choose.

Districts may include the form from the MDE website, and the accompanying information, when providing information to parents/guardians about statewide testing. Minnesota law does not state districts are required to notify parents/guardians or post information on their websites about parent refusals; it does state that parent refusal information must be provided upon request in a timely manner.

Assessment target resources

The purpose of this page is to provide teachers with the resources necessary to fully utilize district assessments as learning tools. Target scores and associated activities/lessons are provided for each of the benchmark/screening assessments administered in Lakeville Area Public Schools. Additional resources and information will be uploaded as it becomes available.

Target definitions:

Target scores have been determined for each assessment that identifies a student’s level for the skill being measured. The targets categories are defined as:


Target overview:  Category Descriptions

Targets by assessment:

  • NWEA MAP Reading
  • AIMSweb R-CBM
  • DRA2

Assessment target files

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