Michael Baumann – or 952-232-2001

Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Emily McDonald – or 952-232-2026

Executive Director of Administrative Services

Tony Massaros – or 952-232-2010

Executive Director of Business Services

Andrew Sarnow – or 952-232-2028

Executive Director of Special Education & Student Services

Renae Ouillette –  or 952-232-2017

Director of Data Analytics

Dr. Andrew Barron – or 952-232-2024

Director of Teaching and Learning Services

Dr. Julie Beddow-Schubert –  or 952-232-2027

Director of Special Education

Sharon Krueger – or 952-232-2013

Director of Community Education Services

Steven Porter – or 952-232-2151

Director of Communications and Public Relations

Steph Kass – or 952-232-2004

Our Departments and Leadership Structure

Lakeville Area Public Schools is organized in a variety of departments. Led by the office of the superintendent and our administration, departments are focused on providing support aligned with the district’s strategic plan and future-ready goals. Our departments provides a district-wide approach to continually improve our system, and seek to meet the needs of students and staff by creating consistency, equity, and needs-based access to our systems. Our department leaders work in a collaborative structure to distribute decision-making throughout our organization as well as focus on a systems approach and data-driven decision making.

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