Curriculum and Assessment

Lakeville Area Public Schools is a partnership of students, families, staff and community committed to excellence and life long learning. The district’s vision of “world-class, personalized learning ensuring the success of every student,” drives our goals and supporting strategies throughout our organization.

Our well-articulated, rigorous academic program:

  • Focuses on results and achievement in core curricular areas
  • Engages digital media technologies to unleash student passion for learning and make our teachers exponentially more powerful
  • Integrates life-skills including collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, communications and cultural understanding across disciplines
  • Offers choices and differentiated learning experiences to meet student needs, talents and interests

We are committed to a well-rounded education for our students. A laser-like focus on creating a culture of innovation aligned to creating learning opportunities and environments to prepare our students to be “future ready” has resulted in innovative programming, engaging learning environments and more flexibility, all to personalize learnings for our students.

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