Teaching & Learning Advisory Council

Teaching & Learning Advisory Council (T&LAC)

The Teaching & Learning Advisory Council (T&LAC) serves to convey the beliefs and opinions as they relate to curriculum issues. The council consists of parent representatives from each school in the district as well as community representatives, teachers, administrators and school board members. Its purpose is to advise the district on curriculum, instruction and assessment. Once a month, the council meets to respond to curriculum updates, student achievement reports, and instructional resource recommendations. Members spend considerable time interviewing presenters providing input and making recommendations. Recommendations are then shared publicly during School Board by the school board member and the Executive director of Teaching and Learning.

Lakeville Area Public Schools’ parents and community members are invited to apply for membership on the district Curriculum Advisory Council. Applications are accepted until October 30th each year. For consideration, please contact the Teaching & Learning Department at (952) 232-2018.

The Curriculum Advisory Council meetings are held at the Crystal Lake Education Center in the Teaching & Learning Training room from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Information & Forms

Curriculum Advisory Council

Name Position Term
Amy Diede Parent 2016-17
Amy Sollinger Community Member 2016-17
Emily McDonald District Office Administrator
Beth Ristoe Parent 2015-16
Beverly Brucciani Parent 2016-17
Charles Gopp Community Member 2013-14
Cheryl Meger Lakeville North High School Dean 2016-17
David Mortensen Parent 2014-15
Dawn Meyers Parent 2014-15
Diane Wilson Parent 2014-15
Julie Beddow-Schubert District Office Administrator
Erika Hotchkiss Parent
Janella Madson Kenwood Trail Middle School Teacher 2014-15
Jeanne Laing Parent 2015-16
Jim Snaza Parent 2016-17
John Boche Lakeville South High School Dean 2015-16
Kathryn Como-Sabetti Parent 2015-16
Korey Straus Community Member 2016-17
Laura Porter-Jone Parent 2014-15
Maria Holm Parent 2016-17
Mark Shoquist Parent 2016-17
Maurella Cunningham Lakeville North High School Teacher 2015-16
Michelle Volk Board Member
Miriam Oketch Community Member 2015-16
Pam Schoen Parent 2015-16
Paul McDowall Community Member 2016-17
Randy Erickson Century Middle School Dean 2014-15
Sandy Soukup Parent 2013-14
Shellie Kircher Parent 2015-16
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