K-5 Quarterly Essential Learnings

Lakeville Area Public Schools adopted a new progress report for Elementary students in 2007-08. After collecting feedback from parents, teachers, and staff regarding the new format, several changes were implemented during the 2008-09 school year. Slight changes were made in 2012-13 for Guidance and Health instruction. Further changes were made in 2014-15 for All Day Kindergarten and new STEAM classes

Improved Elementary Quarterly Essential Learnings Summary

Why are there changes to the new progress reporting tool?

The report card that was used during the 2006-07 school year had been in place for 18 years. A task force was created in 2006 to review the existing report card and make suggestions for improvements based on research and feedback from user groups. In June 2007, the Board of Education approved the use of the revised progress report beginning with the 2007-08 school year. After introducing the new progress report to parents and staff, it became clear that further changes would be needed. Teachers met in curriculum grade level meetings during the spring of 2008 and recommended changes for the 2008-09 school year.

What are Essential Learnings?

At Lakeville Area Public Schools, what students learn—our curriculum–is driven by Essential Learnings. The Essential Learnings are a combination of state standards and learning concepts that we believe are important for our students to know. The Board of Education requires that progress towards meeting the Essential Learnings be reported. The “Quarterly Essential Learnings Summary” is part of the communication process between families and school.


The report is designed to communicate student progress towards meeting the Lakeville Area Public Schools Essential Learnings. Since these learnings may differ from quarter to quarter, the name of the report will be the Quarterly Essential Learnings Summary – “QuELS”.


When first introduced, the progress report used a five-point rubric to rate student performance. Based on teacher and parent feedback, the QuELS will use a four-point rubric to report student performance, better aligning with the reporting used by the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA-IIs). Within the rubric, specifications and guidelines are clearly described for achievement at various levels (Does Not Meet Expectations, Partially Meets Expectations, Meets Expectations, and Exceeds Expectations). Teachers will use the rubric to evaluate student work and assign a score. The new rubric will be distributed with the progress report and is available on the district website.

In some cases, a numeric rubric is not enough to fully communicate a student’s performance in a particular area. The QuELS will now include an option for teachers to add comments for each subject area. These comments are intended to help clarify student performance towards meeting Essential Learnings and improve the communication of the reporting tool.


The original version of the progress report included language referring to participation in learning activities. This language did not clearly communicate student effort and progress towards meeting Essential Learnings. The QuELS will now include two grades in many areas: “Demonstrates Effort” and “Achieved Essential Learnings”

How do I get more information?

You may obtain additional information by contacting your child’s elementary school teacher, principal or Learning Specialist.

Forms and Information

Sample Reports

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