Digital Learning Programs

Digital Learning Programs

iLearn 2.0

Lakeville Area Public Schools has been planning and researching the use of student-owned devices to reach our goal of 21st Century, personalized learning for all students. The first phase of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) was piloted at Impact Academy at Orchard Lake Elementary and Christina Huddleston Elementary (grades 3-5). These sites were selected via an administrator application process.

The school district supported these two pilot sites with infrastructure upgrades, professional development for staff, and supplemental devices for students without devices.

A Bring Your Own Device approach was adopted by the Board of Education in June, 2014. As part of the district commitment to prepare our students for the high tech, connected world in which they will continue to learn and work, we will explore and pursue cost-effective technology practices and prepare our staff to implement best practices related to digital learning integration in the classroom. A student-owned device program is not a technology initiative for Lakeville Area Public Schools, it is a learning strategy to achieve personalized learning. Below is a summarized list of the advantages of a student-owned device program:

  • Students have the opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere without access restrictions
  • Bring Your Own Device is funded by both the family and the school district, allowing Lakeville Area Public Schools to devote much-needed funding to other programs or technologies
  • Student-owned devices are personalized devices; students are able to maximize productivity
  • Student devices are more likely to be up-to-date with newer features than school-purchased and managed devices
  • No repairs or maintenance are required on student-owned devices by the district
  • Lakeville Area Public Schools can recommend competitively priced tablets, chrome books, and laptop computers – making Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) a viable option for many families
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) prepares students for the digital environment found in higher education and business

Student Information

Parent Information

Lakeville Area Public Schools’ vision is one of achieving, “world-class personalized learning ensuring the success for every student.” As part of this vision, our focus was to create and implement a pilot program that leveraged technology to redesign the delivery of our curriculum, and to create a more student-centered, engaging approach to learning. The initial program was called iLearn 194. Over 2 ½ years, this program provided over 2,000 students in our district daily access to digital tools and resources to engage learners and enhance the learning process. The result of the iLearn 194 program has been an increased use of 21st Century instructional methods, which have earned high levels of satisfaction in the learning environment from our teachers, students and parents/guardians.

During the initial stages of this program, iPads and laptops were utilized to enhance our students’ learning. As the pilot program progressed, it quickly became evident that students greatly benefited by having access to a personal learning device during their learning day. Learning became more active, and learners showed higher levels of collaboration, creativity and curiosity.

Because of this benefit, and after careful consideration of the rapidly changing availability of devices, the District made the decision to move toward offering all students the option of using personally-owned devices within our learning environments. We called this program iLearn 2.0: Student Owned Devices. After a thorough grant application process, Impact Academy at Orchard Lake Elementary and Christina Huddleston Elementary 3rd-5th grade classrooms were selected to receive the infrastructure upgrades and supplementary devices to offer an equitable 1:1 digital learning program.

On this webpage, you will find specific details on the use of personally-owned devices, information regarding computer purchase options, and, if you would like to pursue this possibility, planned provisions for students who can not afford personally-owned devices. We will continue to make classroom computers, tablets, and laptop carts available.

Our objective with this initiative is to promote greater independence, increased academic engagement and a higher level of 21st Century skill development for all students. Our goal is to prepare your child to compete, connect and collaborate as an ethical citizen in a global society.

If you are planning to use a previously owned device or purchase a device from another vendor, we recommend the following:

  • Apple iPad Mini
  • Apple iPad (2nd generation+)
  • Google Nexus Tablet
  • Chromebook (Samsung, Dell, Acer, HP)
  • A laptop purchased new in the past 1-2 years

We do not support phones and/or iPod touches in the classroom for learning. A screen size 7″ and larger is required.

There is also a list of devices that are not recommended for use in our BYOD classrooms.  That list can be found here.

Parent Resources
Common Sense Media
Edutopia- Digital Citizenship: Resource Roundup

iLearn 194

In an effort to improve student achievement, to increase engagement, and to better prepare our Lakeville students for the future, iLearn 194 was launched in December of 2011. Lakeville teachers had an opportunity to apply for in-district competitive grants to acquire iPads for the classroom and to receive professional development for technology integration. There were three different categories of grants: General Grants (K-12 classrooms), Media-Centered Grants, and Special Program Grants.  A total of 32 grants were awarded, representing over 100 Lakeville teachers who are members of these grant teams.  Grants were awarded across all E-12 building sites, within each grade level (EC, K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12), across the content areas, within all special programming areas, and among staff with varying levels of technology skills.



Hybrid/Online Courses:

A hybrid course is a blend of the best components of face-to-face instruction with meaningful online instruction. When students take an online class, all activities are managed and delivered in a virtual environment.  iClass will enable students to learn individually at higher levels, to make deeper connections with content, and to experience an important online learning opportunity in preparation for college and the workplace.

Check back for upcoming courses for the 2016-17 school year.



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