Early Entrance

Process for Early Entrance

Early entrance to kindergarten is defined as allowing students to enter kindergarten before the age of five. Minnesota State law indicates, “No person shall be admitted to any public school (1) as a kindergarten pupil, unless the pupil is at least five years of age on September 1st of the calendar year in which the school year for which the pupil seeks admission commences… except that any school board may establish a policy for admission of selected pupils at an earlier age.” (Statute 120A.20 Admission to Public School)

The following is an overview of Lakeville Area Public School’s procedures for early entrance to kindergarten.

Part 1:

  1. The student’s birthday must fall after September 1 and before October 15.
  2. Early entrance is not recommended for a child that would be accelerated to the same grade as an older sibling.
  3. A parent/guardian request needs to be made in writing to the principal of the elementary school where the student will attend. It must be turned in by March 1.
  4. Parents/guardians must schedule an appointment with a licensed school psychologist to administer the Wechsler Pre-School and Primary Intelligence Scale-Third Edition to the child. Parents interested in scheduling this assessment with a Lakeville Area school psychologist should contact the building principal for more information. The cost of this test will be borne by the parent, at a cost of approximately $200-$300. Scholarships are available for parents who qualify based on federal standards for free or reduced priced meal guidelines.
  5. The student must complete and obtain a Full-Scale IQ score of 130 or better to be considered eligible, with consideration for the student scoring within the 95% confidence interval.

Part 2: If the child obtains this score, the following steps will apply:

  1. The parents/guardians must contact the elementary school principal with the testing results by April 1.
  2. The principal will arrange for a district learning specialist or gifted specialist to administer the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test to the child.
  3. The principal will request a parent questionnaire to be completed.
  4. Although attending preschool is not required, it is highly recommended. If the child attends a preschool, a form will be given for the child’s preschool teacher to complete.

All information needs to be completed and turned into the building principal by May 1.

A district committee will meet to consider the child for early entrance. Parents or guardians will be notified of the committee’s decision by June 30. If early entrance is not recommended, you may request a meeting with a representative of the committee.

Part 3:

  1. If early entrance is recommended, the parents should contact the building Principal to set up a time to meet with school staff regarding the needs of the child. This should be done prior to the first day of school.
  2. All early entrance placements are on a trial basis. During the first six weeks of school, classroom observations will be made to determine if the placement is appropriate.
  3. If the team determines the placement is not appropriate, the student will be withdrawn from kindergarten. A meeting with the parents or guardians will be arranged to discuss other options.

For more information about early entrance, download the documents below. Parents are encouraged to contact the building principal to initiate a request.

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