Teaching and Learning Services

Teaching and Learning Services

The Teaching and Learning Department is focused on ensuring that every student has access to engaging instruction and the opportunity to excel.

The goals of the Department of Teaching and Learning:

  • Goal 1: Content Areas – Provide collaborative opportunities for deep analysis of state/national/ACT standards and benchmarks to ensure aligned assessments and engaging, relevant pedagogical techniques to meet the needs of all students.
  • Goal 2: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy – Support the development of culturally responsive practices that ensure high expectations for each student and eliminate achievement disparities through personalized learning.
  • Goal 3: Future-Ready Skills – Deliver professional learning in three strands of Future Ready skills: foundational literacies (literacy, numeracy, scientific literacy, digital literacy, financial literacy, and cultural/civic literacy), competencies (critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration) and character qualities (curiosity, initiative, persistence/grit, adaptability, leadership, social/cultural awareness)
  • Goal 4: Technology & Digital Resources – Deliver high quality professional learning and coaching so that each staff member is fluent in the use of current core technology skills, the implementation of a variety of digital resources, and the inclusion of future-ready competencies in their pedagogy.
  • Goal 5: Teacher Development and Evaluation (TDE) – Provide continuous professional learning in the Teacher Development and Evaluation process, the QComp process and the Charlotte Danielson rubrics to support high levels of student achievement and engagement.

The Department of Teaching and Learning includes:

Equity Services Elementary Content Standards Innovations
Gifted Services middle School Content Standards Professional Development
Digital Learning Services High School Content Standards World’s Best Workforce
Learner Support Services    

Teaching and Learning Advisory Council:


Contact Information

Main line: 952-232-2018 Fax: 952-469-6054 Address: District Office – 8670 210th Street West, Lakeville, MN 55044

Team members: 

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