Summer Services

Summer Services

High School Program

9th Grade Summer Learning Program: The 9th grade Summer Learning program allows students to make-up credits from their 9th grade year. The classes provided are short but intense. Upon passing the class(es), students will be given a high school semester credit (.50) for Lakeville Area Public Schools. Please see the dean or counselor at your student’s school for a referral.

Pathways Grade 10 through Grade 12: This program provides short but intense classes for students in grade 10 through grade 12 who are behind in credits and to enhance students’ ability in a specific area of study. All students must be referred to Pathways by their dean, counselor, or principal.  In addition, all students must meet the state criteria for entering an Area Learning Center.

Registration Process for Summer Pathways High School

  • See your dean or counselor for a referral
  • Bring the referral to: Lakeville Area Learning Center, 20950 Howland Ave, Lakeville MN 55044
  • Complete registration paperwork at Lakeville Area Learning Center
  • Please bring the following:
    • Parent or guardian (if under the age of 16)
    • Emergency contact information
    • Current email addresses
    • If driving, bring license plate number
  • Busing will be available on a limited basis this year. Please contact us to have a schedule mailed or emailed to your student.
  • If you are from another school district, we will also need a copy of your transcript, immunization records, and your State test scores.

Summer Adult Education

General Education Development (G.E.D): This is a summer G.E.D. program offered to those whom did not receive a high school diploma.  The classes help students prepare for the G.E.D. State test. Several learning styles offered, which include small groups, one-on-one instruction, internet-based study software, individualized instruction, accommodations and special education assessments when needed. Summer classes run from June to July (*no classes July 6th). Classes are scheduled to meet on Wednesdays from 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.

High School Diploma Program: The High School Diploma program is a year-round program for adults who would like to earn their high school diploma. Students receive a high school diploma once they have completed the course requirements for graduation from high school. High School Diploma courses are structured as independent study, combining in-class time with an instructor, and home study. Free courses for High School Diploma are offered year-round at the ALC in a variety of core and elective credits, such as social studies, science, communications, math, and family and consumer sciences.

English as a Second Language (ESL): Classes are offered at the Lakeville Area Learning Center. These classes focus on writing, speaking, and reading. 

Reading Skills: Reading courses for adults 18 years and older are offered at the Lakeville Area Learning Center. These courses are for adults who would like to improve their reading skills, pass the G.E.D./other exams, go back to school, or get a job.

Work Credentials: The National Work Readiness Credential helps prove that you have the skills that employers are looking for. The ALC offers classes that will help you prepare for the National Work Readiness Credential test. Students learn skills in key areas, including communication, decision-making, interpersonal, and life-long learning.

Citizenship: This class prepares students for the US Citizenship test.

Workforce Education: This class prepares employees to be competitive in meeting employment needs. Students establish partnerships with local employers to develop a training program that meets their specific requests and needs.  The program emphasizes the skills employees need to do their job successfully and safely. Those skills include: language, safety, and work ethics and produces a positive impact on employees’ attitudes and behavior.


  • For questions or more information about Summer School for high school students or adult education, please contact Pathways (Lakeville Area Learning Center) at 952-232-2080.
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