Staff Directory

To access teacher’s voicemail, dial 952-232-3999 and follow prompts to enter extension.

Staff Name Title Email Phone
Endicott, Chris Principal 232-2310
Bakke, Jason Dean 232-2332
Erickson, Randy Dean 232-2331
Robbins, Harry Middle School Athletic Director 232-2321
Teacher Name Subject email Voicemail
Aanenson, Amy Spec Ed 5325
Alvin, Dave Industrial Tech 5277
Anderson, Cathy Math 5358
Anderson, Loralee Media Specialist 2350
Baumert, Jim PE 5415
Bernier, Kallie Comm/Language Arts 6852
Boecher, Bill Science 5361
Bolson, Chris Band 5376
Bolson, Jennifer Science 5352
Borg, Pam FACS 5357
Brickner, Shirley Choir 6869
Bunting, Chris Math 5391
Burke, Mike Science 5405
Bye, Christine Social Studies 5353
Craven, Angie Comm/Language Arts 5386
Denk, Kayla Spec Ed 2429
Deichelbohrer, Deb Comm/LA/Science 5367
Erickson, Kelly Comm/Language Arts 5384
Ernste, Jim Math 5383
Garcia, Heidi Spanish/ELL 5372
Gengler, Cheryl Math 5409
Golberg, Amy English 5395
Groff, Jake Spec Ed 6384
Hawanchak, Kathy Science 6863
Halupczok, Scott Science 6834
Hillier, Kelly English 5351
Hoff, Darcy Comm/Language Arts 5380
Jaeger, Shelbee DHOH Teacher 5356
Johnson, Jessica Math 5363
Johnson, Todd Social Studies 5354
Klans, Mary O.T. 3051
Kulseth, Dan PE 5268
Laufenburger, David Math 5362
Luurtsema, Stacy Social Studies 5381
Malone, Chelsea Geography 5392
Meschke, Andy PE 5370
Nolan, Mike PE 5246
Pasiuk, Laura Social Studies 5398
Popa, Petronela DCD 5410
Portner, Stephanie DCD 5360
Recchio, Dan Comm/Language Arts 5371
Reese, Megan Comm/Language Arts 5407
Riemer, Renee Psychologist 5387
Scheidel, Eric Science 5379
Smith, Shannon Counselor 2355
Sontag, Kelli Spec Ed 5366
Stanton, Maggie Comm/Language Arts 5403
Steege, Steve Art 5350
Swanson, Dave Spec Ed 5374
Swanson, Pam Spec Ed 6819
Vosika, Christy Social Studies 5385
Weaver, Tracey PE 5807
Support Staff Title email Phone
Berkebile, Deb Office Manager 2301
Beuning, Laura Tech Support 2353
Donner, Becky Athletic Director Assistant 2320
Hartung, Glenn Custodian 2397
Hoeft, Betsey Tech Support 2354
Iverson, Alicia  DHOH Interpreter  
Marchan, Ashleigh Nurse 2319
Monson, Jodi DHOH Interpreter  
Oberg, Chris Dean’s Secretary 2330
Schenk, Jessica Locker Sup/Tutor 2326
Schreyer, Amanda Related Services Nurse   2378
Soberg, Diane Food Service 2304
Uphoff, Ann Attendance/SpEd Clerk 2334
Vetters, Erin DHOH Interpreter  
Wibbens, Kim IMC Clerk 2350
Para-Professional Staff email
Dahedl, Kathleen
Drenk, Naomi
Ehlen, Paula
Mattison-Miller, Laurie
Mauer, Martha
Mehlhorn, Olivia
Morrison, Jana
Simon, Susan
Stifter, Marva
Triplett, Deb
Vossen, Rebecca
Wollak, Sarah
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