Early Childhood Screening Information & Forms

Early Childhood Screening Forms & Information

About Our Family Outreach Specialist

Community Education’s Family Outreach Specialist is a unique feature of the Lakeville Area Community Education Early Childhood Programs.

Our Family Outreach Specialist visits with each family during the summary time of screening. She discusses their strengths and needs as well as offers services such as: linking children and families to community and other services, improving service access, dealing with family crisis, meeting basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, and economic issues.

We now can provide guidance and response to families seeking and needing information and linkage to community resources. If you would like to contact Kim Budenski, our Family Outreach Specialist, you can call her at 952-232-3009, or email kim.budenski@isd194.org

A Child’s Perspective on Early Childhood Screening

“I just got back from my appointment at preschool screening and I want to tell you all about it. I had fun, which was a relief to my Mom and Mom and Dad got to stay with me the whole time and watch!

First, the lady checked to be sure she had the right birthday for me. Then I got to get up on a big scale and have my height and weight checked. Next I went over to the big table and played all sorts of games with a nice lady. She asked me questions and I got to draw and even jump around like hop-scotch.

After that, my Mom and Dad talked to the lady and I got to color a picture that I could take home.

Next the nurse let me wear these cool glasses and I told her what letters were on a big board. Then I got to wear headphones, like a pilot, and told the nurse each time I heard these funny little beeping sounds. It sure was silly, but she seemed real pleased when I could hear all of those funny noises.

Next, I played with Legos while my Mom and Dad talked to the nurse and signed some papers. It really didn’t take very long and I sure had a good time. I wish I could do it again, but they said,’ only one time before kindergarten.’”

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