Staff Directory

To reach a staff member’s voicemail, dial 952-232-3999 and follow the prompt.

Name Department Email Address Voicemail Extension
Eisenthal, Kate Principal 3810
Bierman, Beckie Dean of Students (All of 7th Grade; 8th Grade A–J) 3833
Kessler, Robin Dean of Students (All of 6th Grade; 8th Grade K–Z) 3832
Bengston, Brenda  Office Manager 3801
Breen, Jill  Student Nutrition 3804
Price, Margie Dean Assistant 3830
Frederick, Cheryl Attendance Clerk 3834
Kalscheur, Marsha Nagy, JoAnn   District Nurse DCD program nurse 3305  
Thelen, Kathi School Nurse 3819
King, Bill Building Maintenance 3897
Steege, Steve Art 5350
Johnson, Shelley ELL 6757
Steinhoff, Cindy ELL 6851
Eggan, Leslie English/Language Arts 6835
Nechanicky, Kathy English/Language Arts 6844
Nelson, Heather English/Language Arts 5187
Olsen, Jennifer English/Language Arts 6846
Pitzenberger, Heidi English/Language Arts 6816
Scheu, Johannah English/Language Arts 6836
Scott, Meghan English/Language Arts 6850
Sharma, Kate English/Language Arts 6817
Stroh, Janelle English/Language Arts 6837
Ecklund, Connie EPIC 6843
Borg, Pam FACS 5357
Beckwith, Beth IMC (Library) 6842
Alvin, Dave Industrial Technology 6870
Clark, Kristina Mathematics 6623
Ehr, Heidi Mathematics 6862
Hanson, Dave Mathematics 6821
Madson, Janelle Mathematics 5188
Tinebra, Amanda Mathematics 6818
Trebil, Rachel Mathematics 5279
Brickner, Shirley Choir 6869
Bechard, David Band 3859
Davis, Tessa School Psychologist Intern 6841 
Ryan, Holly School Psychologist 6321
Berkvam, Andy Physical Education 6706
Meyer, Celeste Physical Education 6855
Rousemiller, Chris Physical Education 6830
Sperbeck, Bonnie Physical Education 6831
Gordon, Brandi Science 6864
Halupczok, Scott Science 6834
Heath, Austin Science 6814
Madison, Becky Science 5369
Pederson, Kent Science 6865
Atwood, Kevin Social Studies 6839
Chamberlain, Rebecca Social Studies 6840
Ertl, Bob Social Studies 6792
Leibold, Meghan Social Studies 6853
Owen, Jennifer Social Studies 6827
Struzyk, Cori 360 Community Liaison 5808
Caron-Vlasak, Melanie Student Support Worker 3831
Ali, Huda  Munoz, Hugo Smith, Regina Valtierra, Jacob   School Success Liaisons





Kuhn, Karin Special Education Lead 3831
Carlson, Kelly Special Education 3895
Ford, Trista Special Education 6823
Hill, Stacy Special Education 6825
Kennedy, Trish Special Education 6824
Lorenz, Theresa Special Education 6820
McGrath Cailin Special Education 3862 
Ness, Beth Special Education 6822
Ryan, Marie Special Education 6845 
Shidla, Chris Special Education 6832
Smith, Eric Special Education 6872
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