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Navigating the College Search Presentation 9/25/17

College and Career Search

Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS)

LNHS students can access their own high school, college and career informational portfolios. Students will find their own high school career interest assessments to aid in college/career planning.  Plus, MCIS assists with colleges’ information, tuition, student/professor ratio, population, admission requirements, high school class suggestions, career descriptions, etc. on their website.

LNHS students are able to set up their own portfolios while in high school and beyond.  Information concerning their own career interest assessments, practice college entrance testing, college search information, college majors, career plans, map out high school classes, scholarships, financial planning, and more. It also lists information for future jobs and military. It includes storing students’ own career/college comparison data for college search and career information.

Students should visit the MNCIS (Minnesota Career Information System) and use their username and password  to access their own accounts to store their own portfolio data. For student access, please contact the LNHS Career Center.


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Video Tutorial: How to Order Transcripts

College applications are processed by the Deans and Assistants.  If application is not online, students need to provide a stamped, addressed envelope(s) along with the completed college application form and fee. Students are strongly encouraged to apply online when possible. If recommendations are needed for college admission or scholarships, please allow teachers and Deans at least TWO weeks to meet deadlines.

Job Fairs and Student Employment

Please visit the LNHS Career Center for available student job opportunities. Local and surrounding area businesses will advertise for student part-time employment needed.  These postings are available in the Career Center for viewing.  Visit below are helpful websites for employment searches.

College Search Websites

Minnesota Career Information Systems, (MCIS) establishes personal students’ portfolios. MCIS create students’ own personal high school career class plans, college search information, free practice college testing and prep assistance, scholarships available, and more!  If students have not established their own accounts, come to the LNHS Career Center for their account information.

Employment & Internships

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