Essential Planning and Registration Info

Essential Planning and Registration Information

Each year the registration process begins with the posting of the revised “Program of Studies” and continues with student and parent meetings, followed by online registration. Students and parents are encouraged to review all information in each of the links under the academics tab and to register online at home, using the registration instructions. The opening and closing days and times for the registration tab on the Infinite Campus portal and parent meeting dates and times are posted on the high school calendars and websites. Paper copies of all curriculum and registration information listed on the website are available upon request by contacting the Dean’s office or LINK12 Lakeville Online Lead Instructor. Additionally, any student unable to register at home will be assisted in completing registration at school.

Registration info for current 9th-11th graders
Registration info for current 8th graders

Program of Studies

The curriculum guide for Lakeville High Schools is entitled, “Program of Studies”. Included in this joint document for Lakeville North, Lakeville South and LINK12 Lakeville is an overview of each curricular area and descriptions of all courses offered in each area.   Parents and students are encouraged to review this document and all accompanying information to assist in planning an educational program and accounting for student’s completion of credits for graduation. While parents and students are primarily responsible for assuring students meet all requirements for graduation, Deans and the LINK12 Lakeville Program Director are available to assist, support, and provide guidance in the process.

Instructional Delivery and Location

Each course in the Program of Studies lists instructional delivery methods. Before choosing a course, students should be sure to review if the course is taught face-to-face, hybrid (part time face-to-face and part time online) or fully online. Additionally, because all students are able to take courses at Lakeville North, Lakeville South, the MNCAPS location, or through LINK12  Lakeville Online, students should carefully check the location of the course offering.

Credit Check

A document entitled, “Credit Check”, is a one page summary of all requirements for each class designated by year of graduation. The credit check illustrates the forty-four semester credits needed by curricular area, the career portfolio activities to be completed in grades 9-12, and the standardized testing requirements for graduation. Students must meet all the essential components in order to earn a diploma and participate in graduation ceremonies.

Course Selection Form

Another document created to assist in registration for classes is entitled, “Course Selection Form”. The course selection forms include a list of all courses available by grade level. For instance, the 9th grade course selection form lists all required courses and all electives available to freshman. Please note, it is important to read each course description in the Program of Studies as there are prerequisites for many courses. This form is distributed to all students and is available online during registration.

Career/Postsecondary Planning

In addition to meeting the requirements for graduation, students are encouraged to register for classes that are academically appropriate for future education or entering the workforce after high school. Students wishing to go to four year colleges are strongly recommended to register for Advanced Placement courses and core courses required for admission. Statistics clearly indicate students who take core classes (English, social studies, math and science) all four years will have improved test scores, which may be the difference in obtaining admission at the post-secondary school of choice. Students wishing to attend technical colleges or enter the workforce are encouraged to look at the many elective offerings in the area most closely associated with their career goals, and to review possible dual credit or articulated credit options. Students and parents are highly encouraged to also review a document entitled, “Career Pathway Guide” to view various high school courses associated with career paths.

Course Requests

Students are required to register for a minimum of 12 semester long courses per year. All courses are offered on a semester-long basis except for select LNHS Business Academy courses. When students register, they are required to indicate alternate choices for electives. Due to space limitations and schedule conflicts, it is extremely important for students to list alternate choices. Courses will only be offered when warranted by enrollment and when appropriate staff is available.

Other Considerations

Students who intend to participate in athletics at a Division I or Division II college as a freshmen must meet the eligibility requirements established the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Eligibility requirements may be obtained through the Deans’ office or Activities/Athletics website.

Credit Attainment

All courses are offered on a semester-long basis except for LNHS Business Academy courses. Students receive .5 credit upon successful completion of a semester-long course. Transfer grades (from other high schools, college classes, University of Minnesota Talented Youth Math Program, home school, accelerated learning, online school, etc) will be reviewed by the Dean of Students to determine credit placement. Transfer grades will be used to compute cumulative GPA (grade point average) and class rank. Any student choosing to take more than 50% of their courses online through LINK12 Lakeville Online will be a LINK12 Online student.

Schedule changes are based on need and availability of courses. Students have three days after the start of the semester to request schedule corrections. Exceptions may be made at the Dean’s discretion if special needs or other factors exist. Students are expected to remain enrolled in six courses each semester. If a special circumstance occurs, a student has the first twenty school days of a semester to withdraw from a course. Beyond twenty days, any course withdrawal will be recorded as a “W” on the student’s record and will negatively affect the student’s GPA.

Any student failing a required course or withdrawing before the end of the semester must repeat the semester course to receive credit. Any student maintaining fewer than five courses per semester is subject to dismissal for the remainder of the semester.


All students will register for their 2017-2018 courses by accessing the Infinite Campus Registration portal.  Students are able to view and register for courses online at home or at school.

The Campus Registration Portal will be open February 2 – February 17, 2017

  1. Go to the LSHS website at
  2. Click on the Academics V link located on the left side of the main page. All course descriptions are located under the Course Descriptions tab.
  3. Refer to the Credit Check form to ensure graduation requirements are being met with your selections.
  4. Students should reference the Essential Planning and Registration Information link and consider post-secondary plans before making course selections.
  5. Reference the Course Selection Form.
  6. Students in grade 8: You have been pre-registered for the 9th grade English Language Arts, Math, and Science courses based upon your 8th grade courses. You are also pre-registered for the Traditional Schedule.
  7. Students entering grades 10 & 11 that are eligible for an Early Bird class, may choose the following courses during the Early Bird hour: Honors English 10, A.P. Language, Algebra 2 and U.S. History. Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible: registering for both a music and foreign language, STEM Academy, MNCAPS or AVID. All others must register for the Traditional schedule option.


  1. Access your Infinite Campus Portal. If you do not have an account set up, please visit the Student Services Office. To begin registering, click on Registration 2017-2018.
  2. Click on Course Search to receive the screen, which will allow you to search for choices.
  3. Clicking on Go will bring up a list of all courses or you can type in the specific name of the course you wishing to locate.
  4. Select Traditional Schedule for BOTH semesters. This has been pre-registered for students entering 9 & 12. Please see #7 above for information on the Early Bird Classes.
  5. You can read the course description for the course you select by clicking on the URL that takes you to the LSHS Program of Studies. If this is the correct course, click on Request this Course. You may need to scroll down for this command if the course description is long. The course name will now appear under Requested Courses on the left. Do not use the Request as an Alternate button for classes you wish to take.
  6. After selecting all your Requested Courses, select at least 2-4 Alternates. It is extremely important you think this through carefully. If there is a conflict with your requests, the computer will schedule you for one of your Alternates. Please take this seriously.
  7. To drop a course, click on the course name under Requested Courses. The course description will appear. Click on the Drop this Request button. Return to registering courses by clicking on Course Search.
  8. When you have completed registering, reread your requested courses portion of the screen to ensure all your courses are listed. If you want a copy of your registration, click on Print Request Summary at the top of the page.
  9. Units: (32/32) in the upper left hand corner indicates a completed registration.


Schedule Options

Traditional Early Bird
Early Bird Period
Period 1 Period 1
Period 2 Period 2
Period 3 Period 3
Period 4 Period 4
Period 5 Period 5
Period 6 Period 6


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