School District Elections

Board of Education Elections

Lakeville Area Schools Board of Education member elections are held during general elections in even number years. The Board of Education’s six members are elected at large to serve four-year terms which begin January 1.

Referendum Elections

In addition to school board member elections, the Lakeville Area Board of Education may hold referendum elections to support the needs of the school district.

Past Referendums:

Voting Information

For information about voting in Lakeville Area Schools elections, please visit our voting page.

2018 Lakeville Area Schools Board of Education Election

On July 10 the Board of Education passed a resolution establishing dates for Filing Affidavits of Candidacy. The period for filing was July 31 through Aug. 14 at 5 p.m. An Affidavit of Candidacy was required to be filed with the school district clerk, along with a $2 filing fee. On Nov. 6, Lakeville Area voters re-elected Kathy Lewis to serve her eighth term, and elected new members Zach Duckworth and Lynn Gorski. The terms for these members begin January 1, 2019. Results of the 2019 school board election are available on our news blog.

Campaign Finance Reports


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Questions regarding Lakeville Area Schools elections should be directed to Jon Jackson, assistant to the Superintendent at 952-232-2001 or jon.jackson@isd194.org.

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