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What is an operating referendum and what does it do?

An operating referendum is part of school funding in Minnesota. Nearly all school districts rely on referendum revenue to cover part of the cost of education. Operating referendum questions ask voters to authorize a specific amount of funding per pupil that comes from local property taxes. For Lakeville Area Schools, the renewal amount is $692.75 per pupil including an annual inflation adjustment. See the Educational Videos for more information.

Why is it needed?

The funding received from the state has not kept up with inflation or the rising costs of doing business. In order to provide high-quality educational services and support students’ learning, school districts need funding from other sources such as the referendum, grants and federal government. See the 2017 Operational Renewal Referendum Public Presentation for more information.

Why now?

The 2007 Operating Referendum is set to expire next school year.

How would funds from the referendum renewal be used?

If passed, the revenue would be used to sustain strong schools and excellent educational programs and services to our students. 91 cents of every dollar is spent on classroom instructions and student support to maximize use of resources. In the 2017-2018 school year budget, the 2007 referendum provides approximately $8 million in revenue.

What happens if the referendum fails?

Lakeville Area Schools will have to make difficult decisions about how to operate the district without a substantial portion, 6.3%, in revenues. This would significantly impact programs and services offered to students and families across the district and could potentially impact such things like class sizes.

What impact will the renewal have on my taxes?

If approved, taxes are NOT projected to increase as a result of the referendum. Analysis of Tax Impact for Referendum Levy Renewal

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