District Overview

Dear Community,

Lakeville Area Public Schools’ vision is world-class, personalized learning that ensures success for every student. Lakeville Area Public Schools uses a model of continuous improvement to guide our work, specifically the Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria for Education. This philosophical, research-based approach to organizational leadership and management requires the organization to be defined by its mission, guided by its vision and focused on its strategic goals and desired results. It requires a systems-thinking orientation and a belief that the organization can improve through increased accountability systems and a focus on excellence. To this aim, the district has clearly defined these components of success and will consistently use them to guide decisions and monitor progress toward precise targets or indicators of success.


Lakeville Area Public Schools is a partnership of students, families, staff and community committed to excellence. CORE VALUES:

  •       Student-centered
  •       Focus on the Future
  •       Organizational and Personal Learning
  •       Valuing All Stakeholders
  •       Management by Fact
  •       Societal Responsibility
  •       Focus on Results and Creating Value
  •       Systems Perspective

The Board of Education is focused on the following strategic goal areas:

  •       Strategic Goal #1: Academic Achievement including 21st Century Skills & Knowledge
  •       Strategic Goal #2: Fiscal Responsibility
  •       Strategic Goal #3: Community Connectedness
  •       Strategic Goal #4: High Quality Workforce

These goals and the action plans that support them guide our continuous improvement. Our school leaders and board members will monitor the progress toward the identified targets through our District’s Dashboard of Quality Indicators. This dashboard includes academic measures such as the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA), the American College Testing (ACT) exam and local assessment data as well as perception measures such as the student, staff or parent annual survey. The district monitors its financial stability through key indicators such as open-enrollment, enrollment, level of fund balance and the district’s bond rating. Other measurable indicators on the dashboard are graduation rates, positive media coverage, and staff development data. By monitoring this key data, district leaders can celebrate successes and identify areas in need of improvement and work to address them. Lakeville Schools are known for high levels of academic success, but prides itself on continuous improvement in its goal of providing world-class education for all students. The most important aspect that district and board level leaders are concerned about is that there is continuous improvement in all areas. In many cases, we have set the targets quite high fully knowing it may take a few years to ride to the level of excellence we expect. Lakeville Area Public School leaders will continue down the path of continuous improvement, so every student can achieve their full potential and so that we can realize our vision of being world class, personalized learning ensuring success for every student.

alt="Superintendent Michael Baumann."Michael A. Baumann, Superintendent

Lakeville Area Public Schools

Phone: 952-232-2000


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