Equity Services

Department of Equity Services

The Department of Equity Services strives to come together to foster and ensure high achievement for all learners and empower all members of the school community to provide an equitable and integrated learning environment with inter-culturally competent students and staff. In order to accomplish these goals, the District creates and follows an annual District Achievement & Integration Plan.

Our Mission:

The mission of Equity Services is to close the achievement gap by supporting students, families, district staff and the community.

School Success Liaisons:

School Success Liaisons serve as a bridge: student-to-student; student-to-school; student-to-school-to-family; and family-to-community. They are able to build long-term relationships with our culturally diverse families resulting in more parent involvement and student success. The Liaisons work district-wide and can be accessed by school staff or parents at any time for academic issues.


  • Bridge communication and cultural understanding; resolve concerns student to student, student to school, and school to family
  • Help families fill out school paperwork: school registration, immunizations, free & reduced lunch, transportation, scholarships, Targeted Services, summer school, etc.
  • Act as a resource for staff and provide advocacy for students and families
  • Work to create culturally specific clubs, character building activities, community building activities, service learning projects and cross-cultural events
  • Conduct home and school visits to explain school policy and instructional goals to families
  • Visit students and help them connect with the school and community
  • Partner with ESL and Special Education staff as needed

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