American Indian Education

Program Services

American Indian Literature Resource:

Equity Library Link Here you can find the different books and resources student and faculty can access. This link is the catalogue to the books and literature resources that Equity Services sponsors. Under the tabs you will find American Indian Education. Feel free to email to request a book!  

Support Staff:

Lakeville Area Schools provides an American Indian School Success Liaison who coordinates activities that strengthen American Indian students’ cultural identity using culturally-relevant materials and curriculum. The American Indian School success liaison works in partnership with Burnsville District  American Indian Liaison and in collaboration with the South Metro Indian Education Committee. 


Lakeville Area Schools’ American Indian Education offers various ways to stay in touch with programming and events!

  • Twitter: The official American Indian Education Twitter posts about community events as well as events sponsored by Lakeville Area Schools’ American Indian Education. @ISD194E
  • Email: If you are a parent and would like to be added to the Parent Email list please contact Margaret Wolf.
  • Newsletters: We provide information of important holidays and events in the school newsletters.

Minnesota Tribal Offices:

There are 11 different tribal offices in Minnesota. If you are struggling with filling out a 506 form or would like to contact a tribal office for any reason, please click on link below. It will redirect you to the contact information of all the tribal offices.

Minnesota Tribal Offices

Indian Education Forms:


Who is eligible for Services?

Any student who is recognized by the state or federally as American Indian. Usually this is associated with the child, a parent, or a grandparent being enrolled in a federally recognized tribe.

How much do services cost?

The services provided through American Indian Education are free.

How do I enroll my children in Lakeville Area Schools’ American Indian Education?

We request you fill out 506 Form.

Why should I fill out a 506 form for my children? 

This form helps us obtain federal and state grant money which funds our programs ensure that they are free for students.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding American Indian Education at Lakeville Area Schools, please contact Margaret Wolf, School Success Liaison – or (651) 783-2765

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