Flexible Learning (FLEX) Days


Lakeville Area Schools uses Flexible Learning (FLEX) Days so students can still be engaged in learning on inclement weather (snow) days. On a FLEX day, students in grades K-12 will continue learning from home with support from their teachers instead of going into school. Teachers will share curriculum-aligned assignments and be accessible by email during regular school hours so they can provide learning support to students.

The benefits of FLEX Days include keeping everyone safe and off the roads when there are poor conditions, allowing for the continuation of learning when school is closed due to weather, and building skills that will be beneficial for students’ future success. Additionally, FLEX days make it more likely that the district will not have to schedule make-up days during the school year or add days to the end of the year due to inclement weather.

When are FLEX Days Used?

The district can use five FLEX days during the school year. The first inclement weather day of the school year will NOT be a FLEX Day. We still feel it is important for students to experience the joy of a surprise day off. After the first snow day, the superintendent can call up to five FLEX Days for students. After there have been five FLEX Days in the school year, the district will start looking at make-up days.

There are no FLEX Day requirements for our early childhood, adult basic education, and LinK12 students. LinK12 students are expected to continue their online coursework as usual.

FLEX Day Checklists for Students and Families

On a FLEX day, students and families should use their Choice Card and refer to the following checklists to ensure they know how to access assignments to do at home and how to turn in their FLEX Day assignments to their teachers after the FLEX Day. Teachers will be available via email to answer any questions during a FLEX Day.

Elementary Student and Parent Checklist
Secondary Student and Parent Checklist 

Choice Cards

Choice Cards will be given to K-5 students by their teachers. Each school will have its own Choice Cards for each grade. These will have various learning activities that can be completed at home during a FLEX Day. Our teachers and staff are currently working to finalize the assignments on these Choice Cards, which will be made available soon.

Notification Letter to Families:


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