Elementary Gifted Program

Elementary Gifted Program

Lakeville Area Schools provides a range of service options for gifted learners at the elementary level. These include direct instruction for identified gifted learners in grades three – five through either Discover or Ignite! Additionally, each elementary school provides gifted core enrichments (parent-led literacy groups and math enrichment groups) and differentiated instruction in the regular classroom. Students may also qualify for grade or subject acceleration. The gifted specialist at each building coordinates these options as well as the identification process for Discover and Ignite!


Ignite! is a unique full-time gifted program that combines a challenging core curriculum with flexible choice offerings to provide highly gifted children the opportunity to ignite their passion for learning. Ignite! is housed at Oak Hills Elementary to qualifying students across the district. Students begin the Ignite! program in third grade and move through the program with the same cohort of students through fifth grade. Ignite! students participate in the Oak Hills learning community through specialists’ classes, lunch, recess, grade level and whole school activities. Transportation to Ignite! is the responsibility of the family. For more information, visit Ignite!


The Discover program is offered to qualifying students at each of the eight elementary schools. Students participate in small group Discover seminars for 90 – 120 minutes a week.  The Discover curriculum is based on the Integrated Curriculum Model developed at the College of William and Mary Center for Gifted Education.  The curriculum is designed to respond to gifted learners’ characteristics of precocity, intensity, and complexity through its three dimensions of advanced content, higher-level processes, and interdisciplinary concepts.  Discover seminars explore topics in Language Arts, Social Studies, science and engineering. For more information, visit Discover.

Enrichment and Differentiation

At each elementary school, the gifted education specialist serves as a resource for classroom teachers. Classroom teachers provide differentiated instruction as appropriate. The gifted specialists coordinates specific math and literacy enrichments with support from parent volunteers. These enrichments are integrated into the school curriculum and day.

Acceleration Opportunities

Lakeville Area Schools recognizes the need for academically gifted students to receive accelerated instruction. Acceleration is generally defined as moving students through the traditional curriculum at rates faster than the typical student experiences. The goal of acceleration is to match the level and complexity of the curriculum with the readiness and motivation of the learner. The following acceleration options are available to qualifying elementary age students:  early entrance, grade acceleration and math subject acceleration.  Students qualify for acceleration based on district guidelines. For more information, visit Acceleration Opportunities.


Identification for Ignite! and Discover is done by a district selection committee using district-wide criteria. The Ignite! program  is intended for highly gifted learners scoring at the 99th percentile on ability and achievement tests. Students who meet the Ignite! criteria may apply. Please consult the gifted specialist at your child’s school for the application deadline and details.  Discover is intended for identified gifted learners scoring at the 97th percentile or higher on ability and achievement tests.  Family and teacher input may be considered for placement into Discover or Ignite! using the Home and/or Teacher Observation Inventory.    For more information, visit Identification for Ignite! and Discover.

More Information

For more information, please contact the gifted education specialist at your child’s school or:

Molly Hammel
Gifted Services Coordinator

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