Middle School Gifted Program

Middle School Gifted Education Programming

Lakeville Area Schools middle schools are serviced by a half time (.5) gifted education specialist. Listed below are the honors courses available to middle school students.

Middle School Honors Courses

Grade 6 Honors Math 6/Honors Pre-Algebra Communications Seminar Language Arts Seminar Grade 7 Honors Math 7/Honors Algebra Honors Communications 7 Honors Language Arts 7 Honors Life Science Grade 8 Honors Algebra/Geometry Honors English 8 Honors Earth Science   In-coming 6th grade Ignite!/Discover and previously identified gifted students will be placed in the Language Arts and Communications “Seminar” classes. William and Mary curriculum is integrated and taught by the core classroom teacher. Additional curriculum modifications and enrichments occur throughout the year as well to serve high ability students by providing higher levels of rigor and complexity around the same standards as regular Language Arts and Communications classes. In the spring of the 6th grade year, students will apply to honors classes for 7th grade. Being placed in the seminar in 6th grade does not guarantee placement in Honors 7. William and Mary Curriculum Patterns of Change- Language Arts Seminar The concept of cyclic patterns of change was chosen as the unifying theme for this unit. Selected literary works deal with cycles in nature, knowledge, history and human life. Students are introduced to some of the important approaches and ideas of literary criticism. Autobiographies –Communications Seminar In this unit, students study the concept of change by reading autobiographies of writers and by looking at change in the lives of writers and other artists. As they examine life stories and self-portraits, they study literature and examine works of art from various cultures. In order to gain insight into the development of talent, students are encouraged to explore their own identities as talented learners through discussions, research, oral presentations and reflective writing. 1997 Winner of a National Association for Gifted Children Curriculum Division Award for Outstanding Curriculum For more information, contact the middle level gifted specialist at your child’s school: Deb Deichelbohrer Deborah.Deichelbohrer@isd194.org Century Middle School Leslie Eggan Leslie.Eggan@isd194.org Kenwood Trail Middle School Stacy Sanders sand3930@isd194.org McGuire Middle School   Middle School Math Progression Three tiers of math are available for 6th graders: Math 6, Honors Math 6, and Honors Pre- Algebra. All three tiers will use the McDougall Littell math series and will use our school district’s Essential Learnings, the MN State Standards and MCA specifications as their curricular base. The Honors Math 6 course will use the Math 2 textbook, and the Honors Pre-Algebra course will use the Math 3 textbook. Honors course teachers will implement Advanced Placement (AP) concepts, assignments, and teaching strategies to present the students with a rigorous course of study that will further develop and enhance their mathematical abilities. Honors Math 6 To qualify for Honors Math 6, students must meet two of the following three criteria:

  • A score in the 90-96th percentile on the Fall 5th Grade Mathematics MAP
  • A score in the 90-96th percentile on the Winter 5th Grace Mathematics MAP
  • A quantitative CogAT score at the 90th percentile or higher

Students in Honors Math 6 course will likely follow this mathematics course progression:

  • Honors Math 6
  • Honors Math 7
  • Honors Algebra 1

Students will then be able to “skip” Algebra in high school and enroll directly in Geometry or an appropriately challenging high school course.  

Honors Pre-Algebra

To qualify for Honors Pre-Algebra, students must meet the following criteria:

  • A score in the 97th-99th percentile on the Fall 5th Grade Mathematics MAP test or A score in the 97th-99th percentile on the Winter 5th Grade Mathematics MAP test.
  • A quantitative CogAT score at or above the 90th percentile or above or a nonverbal and quantitative composite CogAT score at the 90th percentile or above.

Students in the sixth grade Honors Pre-Algebra course will likely follow this mathematics course progression:

  • 6th grade: Honors Pre-Algebra
  • 7th grade: Honors Algebra 1
  • 8th grade: Honors Geometry (High School Credit and GPA impact)

Student progress will be evaluated continuously to determine each student’s appropriate course placement throughout their three years in middle school. A student who is not maintaining a high level of achievement or success in an honors course will be re-evaluated and placed in the appropriate level course. We work hard to continuously evaluate student course placement and consider additional evidence that may propel a student into advanced coursework throughout their middle level experience. If a student does not gain placement immediately in an honors course, they CAN be considered in the future.

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For more information about middle school level gifted programming, please contact the gifted specialist at your child’s school.

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