Substance Use Prevention & Intervention

Chemical Health Support

Promoting and supporting chemical health is an important component to achieving success personally and academically. Research shows youth chemical use of any kind is detrimental to the personal, social, and academic success of students. Moreover, youth substance use impacts overall health and brain development. Working together, we can support the chemical health of students and prevent youth substance use and abuse. Lakeville Area Schools is committed to meeting student needs through ongoing staff development, school-based counseling and support, and consultation and care coordination with community-based professionals when requested.

Substance Use Prevention

Lakeville Area Schools is committed to promoting chemical health through prevention efforts throughout our schools and community. In addition to school-based curriculum, community partnerships are vital to prevention of youth substance use. Through collaboration with various partners like U of M Extension and our local PATH (Proactive Approaches to Health) Coalition, we are also working on sustainable, environmental strategies to prevent youth use and access. To get involved in prevention efforts, please contact our School/Community Prevention Specialist at 952-232-3726.

General Information / Resources

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids –
Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Admin –
Search Institute Resource for Parents –

Helpful Vaping Websites/Resources

Talking About Substance Abuse With Your Teen

What You Need to Know and How to Talk With Your Kids About Vaping
Marijuana Talk Kit
Conversation Starters for Your Teenager

Contact Us

To inquire about chemical health services or support for your child, please contact Judy Johnson, Substance Use Prevention & Intervention Specialist at 952-232-3726 or For general information or to get connected to school staff, contact Lisa Holien, Student Services Coordinator at 952-232-3770 or If you desire Student Support Services staff to collaborate with community-based professionals working with your child, please complete the Release of Information form below and return it to school staff or your medical provider.


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