Home Schooling

In accordance with state law, Lakeville Area Schools is required to ensure that all school-age children living within the district’s boundaries are being educated. The district’s primary role is to be certain that all Home Schools comply with state law and to provide the necessary information and forms to each Home School for compliance. Current Home School families in Lakeville Area Schools will receive a letter in July from the district that will direct them to this webpage for sample forms requesting the information to be submitted for the upcoming school year.

Forms for Mandatory Information, found below, must be submitted before Oct. 1. If complete information – Homeschool Full Report or Letter of Intent to continue Homeschooling, immunizations, parent degrees/certification (if applicable), and norm referenced testing information – is not received, the District must report to the State of Minnesota in November that the Home School is “Not Compliant”.

Educational Aid Reimbursement Rates

The Minnesota Department of Education has established the following tentative reimbursement rates for the upcoming school year: Revised 7/2020 (subject to change)

  • Educational aid reimbursement = $85.59 for all students Grades K-12.

Rates may be adjusted on or about October 15 when the actual appropriation and program participation figures are known. If you choose to participate and in order to be eligible for reimbursement, you are required to complete and return the Student Report for Aids to Nonpublic Students Report (*Report found below) by Oct. 1. Eligible dated receipts must be submitted to the District Office with the Home School Reimbursement Report (found under Optional Forms) by June 15, 2021. It is important that you review the list of eligible and ineligible items for reimbursement found under Optional Forms below. Please note that all items must be secular. Receipts for reimbursement must be dated between July 1, 2020 and June 10, 2021. The optional forms are also due by Oct. 1 except for the Shared Time form which is due Jan. 15 and the Home School Reimbursement Report (as stated above).

Forms for Mandatory Information

Optional Forms

Shared Time Policy

Additional Home School Information Links

Compulsory Instruction Law

120A.22 Compulsory instruction
120A.26 Enforcement and prosecution
120A.35 Absence from school for religious observance

Health Standards and Immunization Requirements for School Children

121A.15 Health standards; immunizations; school children
121A.16 Early childhood health and development screening; purpose
121A.17 School board responsibilities
121A.18 Data use
121A.19 Developmental screening aid

Aids for Nonpublic School Children

123B.40 Declaration of policy
123B.41 Definitions
123B.42 Textbooks; individual instruction or cooperative learning material; standard tests
123B.43 Use of individualized instructional materials
123B.44 Provision of pupil support services
123B.45 Payments for contractual obligations
123B.46 Administrative costs
123B.47 Notice to districts; proration
123B.48 Limit on district obligations


Name/Location: Email: Resource:
Mary Moody, Student Services Mary.Moody@isd194.org Primary district contact; General questions
Michelle Seifert, Business Services Controller Michelle.Seifert@isd194.org Pupil Aid Entitlement and Material Requisitions
Brigitte Glenn, Assessment/Accountability  Brigitte.Glenn@isd194.org Minnesota State Testing
Mike Zweber, Lakeville North Activities Dir. Michael.Zweber@isd194.org Co-curricular Activities, Lakeville North High School
Tom Dasovich, Lakeville South Activities Dir. Tom.Dasovich@isd194.org Co-curricular Activities, Lakeville South High School
Harry Robbins, Activities Dir. Middle Schools Harry.Robbins@isd194.org Co-curricular Activities, Middle School
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