Report It

Help keep our schools safe with Report It

Lakeville Area Schools is committed to the safety of our students, staff and community. Report It is one of many safety measures in place to keep our schools safe.

Report It is an anonymous, third party online reporting system used by Lakeville Area Schools to help identify and mitigate potential risks within our schools. The system provides our students, staff, parents and community members with an easily accessible and anonymous method of reporting any issue of concern, incident or at-risk behavior. The system gives all community members an opportunity to speak up, without fear of retribution, to help our administration and school resource officers address concerns in order to maintain a successful and safe learning environment for all students.

We always encourage our community to share and report concerns directly with school leaders. We encourage the use of Report It for circumstances where individuals may feel uncomfortable addressing concerns directly with us.

How to Use Report It

To report a situation that may harm you or a member of our school community, report it anonymously online at or call 877-SAFE-K12. The login information for the district’s account is as follows:

  • Username: lakevillehs
  • Password: lakevillehs

Report-it is not an emergency 911 service. If emergency assistance is required, always and immediately contact 911.


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