2017-18 Part A: Alignment

Part A: Alignment of ISD 194 Strategic Plan to the New WBWF Requirements

ISD 194 strives to provide the best educational opportunities for all our children. The ultimate goal for our district is to provide an education that leads to creating world class personalized learning for each student.  The Board of Education and Superintendent with staff and community input set the mission, vision and belief statements to guide the work of the district. The mission, vision, beliefs, strategic goals and strategic initiatives are directly aligned to the World’s Best Workforce requirements. Our mission clearly states that the Lakeville Area Public Schools is a partnership of students, families, staff, and community committed to excellence and lifelong learning. Our vision is for world-class, personalized learning which ensures success so that every student is prepared with future ready skills to be career and college ready. As a result, we continually survey each of these groups regarding their level of satisfaction with our services. Strategic Goals: Our four strategic goal areas categorize our priorities:  academic achievement, community connectedness, fiscal responsibility and high quality workforce. These  four goals and the action plans that support them, guide our continuous improvement to provide world class, personalized learning for our students. Our school leaders and board members monitor the progress toward the identified targets through our “Key Performance Indicators” which may be found on the district website. Key Performance Indicators

Strategic Goal #1: Academic Achievement

ISD 194 staff continually strives to improve our use of standardized assessments and classroom-based formative assessment to inform sound curriculum and instructional decisions, increase overall achievement levels, and better meet the needs of each student in our schools.  The Key Performance Indicators include academic measures such as the MCA, NWEA, the ACT, local assessment data, graduation rates as well as perception measures from  annual student, staff, and parent surveys. Academic Achievement

Strategic Goal #2: Community Connectedness

The Lakeville Area Public Schools are dedicated to establishing a sense of strong Community Connectedness. A comprehensive communication plan to meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders is revised annually to meet the needs of our community. We monitor our stakeholders’ perceptions through annual surveys. We partner with community members on a variety of advisory councils. We partner with local organizations including the  City of Lakeville, the cities of Elko New Market, the Chamber of Commerce,  the Rotary, businesses, and local churches to optimize learning opportunities for our students. Community Connectedness

Strategic Goal #3:  Fiscal Responsibility

The Lakeville Area Public School District is dedicated to aligning the resources to meet the academic needs of our students.  The district monitors financial stability through key indicators: revenue and expenditures, number of open enrollment students, overall enrollment, level of fund balance, and the district’s bond rating. The Financial Advisory Council meets monthly to review, problem-solve and advise the district direction. Fiscal Responsibility

Strategic Goal #4:  High Quality Workforce

ISD 194 is dedicated to hiring and maintaining a high quality workforce that will lead our students successfully from early childhood programming through twelfth grade. It is our strategic goal to recruit and retain the most qualified employees to provide a world-class education for all students. This is accomplished through effective hiring processes, on-going performance evaluation, and meaningful professional development. High Quality Workforce By monitoring the data from these four strategic goals and the action plans that support them, district leaders and staff can celebrate successes and identify areas in need of improvement and work to address them. Lakeville Area Public School leaders will continue down the path of continuous improvement, so every student can achieve their full potential and so that we can realize our vision of being “a world class leader” in providing a quality education. In many cases, we have set the targets quite high fully knowing it may take a few years to ride to the level of excellence we expect. A world-class school district is judged by qualitative and quantitative measures as best in its class, and is acknowledged, accepted, admired, and emulated by customers, stakeholders, professional peers and competitors alike. In the context of this definition, schools that are considered to be world-class schools are characterized by the following: high academic standards for all students; no racial or academic disparities; a comprehensive, challenging, and relevant curriculum; effective engaging instructional strategies, accurate and meaningful assessments; high performing and inspiring employees committed to professional development, training and lifelong learning; a safe and secure learning environment; a culture of continuous quality improvement; accountability for results; productive community and parent partnerships; information technology systems that advance teaching and learning; innovative approaches to scheduling, staffing and use of resources;behavioral standards for all that are conducive to teaching and learning; and commitment to meeting the needs of its internal and external communities while capitalizing on their diverse ideas and strengths.

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