Advisory Councils

Lakeville Area Schools Advisory Councils provide a forum for open discussion and problem-solving, and give all stakeholder groups (parents, students, staff, and the Lakeville Area community) a voice in school-based decision-making and the power to influence all aspects of the work of the district.

Lakeville Area Schools advisory council members help to promote collaboration and understanding and build support for the district’s overall goals as well as individual programs, policies, and initiatives. For more information, call the District Office at 952-232-2000.

Teaching and Learning Advisory Council: The council consists of parent representatives from each school in the district as well as community representatives, teachers, administrators, and school board members. The purpose of the council is to advise the district on curriculum content, instructional practices, and assessments. The council meets monthly to provide feedback about curriculum updates, student achievement reports, and recommendations for instructional resources. Members spend considerable time interviewing presenters, providing input, and making recommendations. These recommendations are shared publicly during a Board of Education meeting by the board representative and by the Executive Director of Teaching and Learning. Building representatives share the information with their building advisory councils and PTO’s and bring feedback to the Teaching & Learning Advisory Council.

Special Education Advisory Council: The special education department serves approximately 1,600 children age birth through 21 with a variety of disabilities. Although the majority of the students receive special education services in their home schools, Lakeville offers a wide range of service delivery models. These include: home-based services for infants and toddlers and a variety of school-based services both within the school district and through Intermediate School District 917. Lakeville Area Schools provides unique programming options for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Emotional or Behavioral Disorders, Developmental Cognitive Delays, and Early Childhood Special Education. We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and on our efforts to provide programming based on the latest educational research.

Financial Advisory Council: The council’s purpose is to function as an advisory committee to the Lakeville Board of Education and administration regarding fiscal matters including short- and long-term financial planning, financial policies and practices, financial decisions’ impact analysis, local, state and national trends in finance and economics; and analysis of legislative issues affecting education. The council serves in an advisory role to the Superintendent and is composed of seven interested citizens or taxpayers of the district who, upon application, are appointed by the Board of Education for 2- or 3-year terms. Also included are representatives of licensed staff, non-licensed staff, building administrators, and board of Education.

LinK12 Lakeville Online Learning Advisory Council: Lakeville Area Schools has a district Online Learning Advisory Council. The council consists of representatives from the LinK12 Lakeville, as well as community representatives, administrators, and Board of Education members. Its purpose is to advise the district on curriculum, instruction, and assessment related to online learning. Three times a year, the council meets to respond to online learning updates, student achievement reports, and instructional resource recommendations. Recommendations are then shared publicly during Board of Education meetings by a board member and the director of teaching and learning services.

Technology Advisory Council: The Technology Advisory Council meets monthly at 7 a.m. The superintendent facilitates discussions around district initiatives, the district technology plan, and work place needs/career possibilities for our students within technology fields. Members include district personnel and community members with an interest and/or affiliation with technology-related careers.

Early Childhood Advisory Council: The council assists the board in developing, planning, and monitoring the early childhood family education program. 

Gifted Advisory Council: The Gifted Advisory Council is an advisory group that researches, reviews and suggests improvements to Lakeville Area Schools. Each meeting we explore topics related to the needs of gifted learners in our district. The Council is not a forum for individual student/school issues. The Council is a catalyst for district-wide program improvement and increased parent communication regarding the needs of gifted learners. The Gifted Advisory Council functions in an advisory capacity in partnership with the Gifted Services Coordinator, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, the Teaching and Learning Advisory Council and the Board of Education.

Community Education Advisory Council: The purpose of the Community Education Advisory Council is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Community Education Department and the Director of Community Education in the fulfillment of the Department Mission. Members provide valuable input and feedback from the community perspective to advise staff on the development of activities, programs and services. Of interest would be adding members whose perspectives would enrich the Advisory Council as they strive to be representative of the entire district. Special accommodations are available for youth membership.

Multidistrict Collaboration Council: The Equity Services’ Multidistrict Collaboration Council monitors, evaluates, and advises on the implementation of the district’s joint integration plan. The Multi-District Collaborative Council (MDCC) was formed to develop and sustain the joint district Achievement and Integration Plan for ISD 194 and ISD 191. The MDCC is comprised of staff from both districts as well as community members. The council meets twice a year. 

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