Safety and Security

Tips for Visiting Cherry View Elementary:

Please find some tips below on frequently asked questions for the new security system. For more information and additional FAQs, visit the Visitor Management webpage.

Cherry View Elementary’s Student Drop-Off – Parents are required to check in through the new Welcome Center and bring their student/s into the main office during school hours.

Identification – please ensure you have your identification with you and ready when entering the building. If you do not have your identification with you, the office staff will ask you a series of security questions prior to entry into the building.

Swiping Options – You have two options for swiping: the magnetic strip and 3D code. Please see the Access Training and Tips Video for step-by-step instructions for each option.

“Piggy-Backing” – please do not hold the door open for other visitors. All visitors need to check-in separately. This applies to couples as well – both individuals need to check-in separately.

Check-Out – remember to swipe or insert your ID on your way out of the building to properly check-out of the building.

Remember Your ID:

As we continue to enhance our security measures all visitors, guests and parents will need to have your ID to enter CVE.  Beginning on Wednesday, November 2, 2016, CVE’s doors will be locked at all times.

Families who have a child or children in Kid Zone, will need a security fob to enter CVE (from the main lobby doors).  Please click here to apply for a Kid Zone fob.

Families who do not have children enrolled in Kid Zone need to know this information, as there will limited access to the building when the main office is closed.  The CVE’s main office is open and staffed from 7:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. every day that school is in session, and the Visitor Management System (VMS) will work in the same way it does during the school day.

Visitors will need to use the Visitor Management system, which will ring the main office during the regular school day.  Guests will be asked to present a valid state-issued ID, and a visitor badge will be printed in the main office.  All guests need to pick up their sticker visitor badge and wear a CVE Visitor lanyard.

When the office is closed, visitors who do not have a child in Kid Zone, will not be able to gain access into the building without a prior arrangement with a teacher or other staff member.  Kid Zone staff will not be able to provide access to visitors


Reminders:  Parking Lot, Drop Off and Pick Up:

We would like to remind everyone about our traffic procedures in our parking lot.  The lane in front of the school is for pick up and drop off only.  You should not park your vehicle and get out of your car at anytime in this lane.  Students should exit and enter your vehicle from the curb side.  Additionally, please pull as far forward as possible before picking up or unloading your children.  Lastly, please use extreme caution and watch your speed as we have a lot of traffic in our parking lot prior to school starting and at the end of the day.

Thank you for helping move our traffic as quickly and safely as possible.

Traffic Congestion on 176th Street:

Many of you are aware of our traffic challenges around CVE at the beginning and end of our school day.  Moving the amount of traffic through our parking lot creates challenges and backups onto 175th Street.  Many parents and families have resorted to picking up their students south of CVE on 176th Street.

While this helps the volume of traffic in our parking lot, it has created some challenging situations on 176th Street.  An option that will help improve the safety of our students and improve traffic flow on 176th is to have all cars park on the north side of 176th Street.  I am requesting that all cars line up on the north side of 176th Street while waiting to pick up children.  Having all vehicles waiting on the North side of 176th Street will prevent students from crossing the street to enter waiting vehicles.  This will also provide room for vehicles to depart the area safely and decrease congestion.

Please keep in mind that this is an access/walkway for our students who walk to their homes in Stonebrooke.  Our walkers will be crossing the street and walking along 176th Street.

Dropping Off Students After the School Day Begins:

If you are dropping your child off after the school day has begun (bell rings at 9:25 AM), you need to park your car and walk your child into school.  You are required to sign them in the Health Office.

Pick Up at the End of the Day:

As a reminder; please pull your car as far forward as possible before stopping to pick up your child.  All drivers should remain in your car and children should enter your vehicle from the curbside.

Fire Lane:

As a reminder, the front loop in front of the school is a fire lane.  You should not park and get out of your car at any time in this lane.  Kid Zone families should park in the lot and walk your students into school for Kid Zone in the morning and similarly for pick up after school.  Thank you.

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