COVID-19 Facility Use Updates

As the District continues to move forward in developing plans to support MDH Guidelines in regards to COVID-19 preparedness and overall District operations of facility use, we appreciate your patience and partnership throughout the time you’ve waited to see what next steps are. 

At this time, here are the phases that are set and have plans to support them, along with what specific items of importance to be noted.

Join us for weekly virtual Facility Use meetings:

Phased Opening of Facilities

We continue to move forward in developing plans to support MDH and MDE Guidelines in regards to COVID-19 preparedness and overall District operations of facility use. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

We are nearing phase TWO! 

Phase One | June 1 – June 15

  • June 1 – Early Childhood summer programming begins.
  • June 15 – Summer Child Care programming begins.
  • June 15 – District field use for non-district sponsored user groups begins. Note no building access during phase one for non-district sponsored user groups without prior approval and permitted.

Phase Two | July 6 – August 16 

  • District buildings can be requested by non-district sponsored user groups
  • Limited use of buildings will be permitted. (i.e. gyms) 
  • Buildings that can have requests include CMS, LNHS, and LSHS. Youth indoor camps needing elementary gyms can be requested, however limited options are available. Other spaces within those three buildings may be requested, but approval is not a guarantee as we continue to develop processes in real-time as things continue to evolve. 
  • UPDATE: A facility use supervisor pilot program will begin, this role will oversee facility use onsite at buildings / fields and be a resource for user groups. The revised District recommendation is the District will cover the cost of this summer pilot. To learn more about this please visit this link (HERE).
  • Permits will be valid for only the locations, dates, and times approved.

Facility Usage Next steps: 

• All non-district sponsored user groups must submit a new/updated Certificate of Insurance (COI).

  • The COI must list Lakeville Area Schools as additional insured with a $1.5 million minimum general liability amount.
  • This COI should note that your insurance company is aware that your user group will be doing in-person activities/events going forward.
  • Email new / updated COI to

• All non-district sponsored user groups must submit a Preparedness Plan (See DEED resources below) from your user group that lays out your user group’s plans for operating in-person activities.

  • Each user group’s Preparedness Plan is created by the user group and meets all MDH, MDE and DNR guidelines. (see resources below)
  • The Preparedness Plan must include how your group’s participants, staff, volunteers and parents/guardians are informed of your group Preparedness Plan and where it will be posted online.
  • Email this Preparedness Plan to
  • UPDATE: MDH guidelines updates to Pod size:

School gym courts / fields maximum capacity: 25 persons (including coaches/adults). This number does not apply to gymnastics gyms or wrestling rooms.

Updated: Guidance for Social Distancing in Youth and Adult Sports (PDF)

• If your group determines you will move to this format there are things that need to be done, including:

• Update your camp totals and updating those on your permit – note that this will be evaluated and will have to be re-approved based on the District ability to support needs for larger pod sizes. The Facility Use office and FPP will work to find all options for your program. 

• Update your preparedness plan prior to any start date:

        1. The updates in the plan should reflect an updates to cleaning items, participant arrival and dismissal
        2. Submit to

• Complete the following forms:

Facility Use Request Form and Online Acknowledgement of District Facility Use Policies and COVID-19 waiver. 

• Any outstanding fees from your user group will need to be paid.

UPDATE: Virtual Meetings

A virtual meeting will be held with your group leaders as well as District internal stakeholders to go over any questions, concerns that you may have, review your Preparedness Plan and set up safety and supply standards. 

UPDATE: Onsite Walk-Through

An onsite walk-through will be scheduled to go over the arrivals and in person planning for your group, members of District staff will also be available to hear plan and offer support and or any supplies and access accommodation and planning needed.

REMINDER: Program Oversight

The participants of your program are each user group’s responsibility. This is part of the District guidelines and facility use rules. Before, during and after while they are on District property. Please ensure that there is a person from your group monitoring both arrival and departure. We have had multiple concerns brought forward this past week that are around safety and monitoring.

UPDATE: Safety and Construction 

LSHS update: 

  • Bikes should be put in the median grass area by the drop off circle across from the Main entrance (and not inside the lot by the stadium.
  • No parking inside the lot next to the stadium gate entrances, unless approved by District Grounds crew. 
  • All coach and volunteers for any programs running on District fields should be parking in the Main lot (or Activities lot).

Your Feedback is Requested

  • During the next few weeks, many things will evolve and change. Only through sharing everyone’s experiences with planning and actual facility use can we all together provide great feedback to the District leaders who will be working on plan options for school this September. 

  • Feedback is being requested from ALL programming and use scheduled at District facilities and fields.

  • All inclusive feedback for ALL user groups, leaders, staff, community onsite in buildings and in planning.

  • This will help get a full understanding, what is working, what is challenging, as well as what supplies and support can be provided further. 

  • Here is the link to the Form Facility Use Feedback: Phase One & Two 2020.

Facility Use Virtual Meeting for Community Discussion

  • Begins this Friday, June 26 at 3:00

  • Open to anyone who would like to join in

  • We will be talking about MDH guideline updates, answering any questions about supply needs, and preparedness plans. 

  • Link will be live on Friday prior to the meeting time on the COVID-19 Facility Use webpage.

Resources and References: 

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidance:

Child Care, Schools, and Youth Programs

People Who Are at Higher Risk for Severe Illness

Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Guidance:

Minnesota’s Stay Safe Plan Chart

Guidance for Social Distancing in Youth and Student Programs (PDF)

Guidance for Social Distancing in Youth and Adult Sports (PDF)

Reopening of Public Swimming Pool and Aquatic Facilities (PDF)

Visitor and Employee Health Screening Checklist (PDF)

COVID-19 Exclusion Guidance Decision Tree for Symptomatic People in Schools & Child Care Programs (PDF)

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Guidance:

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Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED)

For Businesses: Safely Returning to Work – templates

Guidance on Safely Reopening Minnesota Businesses: Industry Guidance for Safely Reopening

Lakeville Area Schools Facility Use

Facility Use Request Form

Facility Use Feedback Form

ISD 194 Facility Use Preparedness Plan

Facility Use Feedback: Phase One & Two 2020

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