ECFE Class Descriptions

For current Early Childhood Family Education class descriptions, please view our catalog pages below:

ECFE Class Descriptions

Growing Kids, Growing Parents

School Year-Long Class, 0-5 years   Do you like the idea of staying with the same ECFE class all school year? Join us for a year-long class with the same families and teaching staff for both semesters! Explore ECFE with your child and watch how your child will grow with confidence and independence while making new friends. During parent discussion, we will focus on positive parenting techniques (including conscious discipline) and developmental milestones, as well as many other class topics based on parents’ interests and needs.

Step Into Learning (Year round class) 

0–5 years  Step into learning with your child as they explore and learn. Infants through pre-kindergarteners will have opportunities for sensory play, social interaction and building developmental skills. Grown-ups will have time to meet with a parent educator to discuss the celebrations and frustrations that come with the parenting journey. Join us for this year long class where you will stay with the same families and educators throughout the school year!

Life with Multiples

0–5 years  On the go and into everything times two or more! Life with Multiples will provide opportunities for you and your children to play, explore and make messes while you connect with other families. During parent discussion, we will talk about the unique joys and challenges you face with other parents of twins, triples and higher multiples. 

Pop-In & Play

0-5 years  Pop-In & Play provides a good way for families to check out ECFE. It’s a great option for those whose schedules don’t allow a weekly commitment or families who would like to add another fun day of class. Parent/child activities, circle time and gym time are always part of the plan! No registration required but payment is available online.

Pajama Story Time and Literacy Night NEW!

0–5 years  Children can come in their pajamas and join ECFE and Heritage Library staff for this fun-filled event that is focused on literacy. Enjoy stories, activities, songs and games that promote literacy development. During separation parents will learn about resources, tips, and tools to support literacy development at home. Children will create and take activities related to a fun-filled Pete the Cat theme. Registration required.


0-5 years   Whether you have one child or more, an infant or a 5 year old, this class offers an opportunity to learn in a multi-age setting. Learn together through parent/child activities, circle time, music, stories and parent discussion. Parenting topics will include the importance of everyday parenting.

Infant Pop-In & Play

0-12 months, non-separating   These FREE playtimes provide an opportunity to meet other parents with babies. Explore our infant/toddler classroom and talk about the joys and challenges of parenting with a licensed parent educator. Come to just one or all; pop-in playtime is a flexible format to meet the needs of busy parents and give families an opportunity to learn about ECFE. No registration required.

Wonderful Ones

12–24 months   Learning takes place for your one year old as they are moving and exploring, often not far from their parent. We will discuss the wonders and challenges of your child with our licensed parent educator.                                          

Terrific Twos & Thrilling Threes

24–48 months  Independence, language, problem solving and social skills are emerging during these ages. The classroom will foster all these developing skills, and you will value the parent discussion where you can learn, share and appreciate this stage of parenting.

Ready, Set, Grow!

3-5 years, non-separating This class is designed for families with children entering kindergarten in the next two years. READY, Set, Grow provides parents and children with an introduction to school readiness skills through a fun thematic approach to learning. Three Mondays each month feature stories, songs, and activities related to a theme that inspires curiosity and wondering. Parents will be provided with readiness information and ideas to support preschool development at home.


Kindergarten-Grade 3  ECFE doesn’t end when your child starts Kindergarten. A licensed parent educator will lead parent discussion with topics that relate to families with school-age children. School- age children will play and learn with a licensed teacher who will engage them in math, science, and art exploration. Younger siblings will play in sibling care. Parents and children will be separate for the entire class.

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