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Homer Price

Auditions held September 24 & 25

Performs November 16-18, 2018

Tickets available online at

Adults and Children – $13, Seniors – $10

Order tickets before November 2nd with code SUPER for $2 off per ticket.

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About the Show:  It’s the early 1950’s in a small American town and Homer lives an enjoyable, yet uneventful life. He spends his summers helping at his Aunt Ag’s dinner and watching his favorite super hero on TV until…the diner purchases a brand new doughnut machine! Homer’s town was just selected to host a drawing which will award the winner with a whole kitchen of labor-saving-devices and Super Duper himself will be visiting to sign autographs for the local children! Amidst the excitement, the doughnut machine malfunctions covering the dinner in doughnuts and the labor-saving-devices mysteriously disappear. It’s up to Homer and his friend Donna to solve the mystery of the missing devices and return Aunt Ag’s dinner back to normal. Homer Price is a comedic non-musical for the entire family!

Performances held at Lakeville North High School Auditorium (19600 Ipava Ave, Lakeville, MN 55044). 

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