Children’s Castle Theatre

CCT summer show CANCELED

“Disney’s Beauty and the Beast” postponed to summer  2021

 In deciding to cancel its summer production, CCT examined two main questions. 
  • Can CCT social distance throughout the rehearsals and performances for its summer show?
  • Can CCT survive a second financial loss from rehearsing for a show that ends up being cancelled due to COVID-19?
The answer to each of these questions is, no. 
CCT’s summer production is known for its large cast size of 130-170 actors. While staff considered the option of lowering the cast size, it didn’t seem true to what CCT is as an organization. In addition, producing any theater production while social distancing, even with a cast of only 20 actors, would be complicated. It would mean six feet of space surrounding every actor on stage and audience member. It would also mean that, should a single cast or staff member become ill, the entire production would likely be put on hold while participants quarantine. This is because, even with social distancing measures, it would be difficult to ensure that one infected actor or staff member had not infected other participants. 
In addition to the dilemma of social distancing during a production, there is also the potential for financial loss. CCT lost $20,000 on its spring production of Matilda the Musical when the show was unexpectedly cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. Theater requires a large amount of money to be spent on a production before it ever performs. If a similar cancellation occurred this summer, it would be nearly impossible for CCT to produce high quality productions in the future. 
While CCT is postponing all in-person activities until further notice, online activities are in the process of being planned. CCT’s first online offering will be a variety show, featuring performances from the CCT community. Check out information about our online classes and programs online at:
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