Winter & Spring Spanish

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Spanish Online | Grades K-5

Learn SPANISH! Research shows that youth who study a new language increase their mental flexibility and creativity, transfer skills used between their first and second languages and improve their English. Children develop an appreciation and respect of diverse cultures, too. This language enrichment program combines a progressive language curriculum with movement, music and art in an age-appropriate way to boost language acquisition. Lessons are offered through University Language Center, a Minneapolis based language school specializing in Accelerated Learning techniques for students of all ages and levels. This program will meet via Live Zoom classes! Small groups of 10-12 students will meet either once or twice per week.

The University Language Center developed a distance learning model that mirrors our in-person classes closely. Feedback from parents, students and teachers has been very positive. Children are able to continue learning Spanish at home by listening, doing, speaking, singing and interacting – with measureable results. 

Learn more about our teaching methods and curriculum here.

Section Dates & Times

Grades K-2

Saturdays, January 30-March 20

$105/7 sessions with Senora Mabel or Senora Kathy
#412-ULC5 10:00-10:25 am   Grades 3-5
#412-ULC6 10:30-10:55 am   K-Grade 2 with previous Spanish
#412-ULC10   11:00-11:25 am    K-2 Beginners

Saturdays, April 17-May 22

$89/6 sessions with Senora Mabel or Senora Kathy
#413-ULC7   10:00-10:25 am   Grades 3-5
#413-ULC8   10:30-10:55 am   K-Grade 2 with previous Spanish
#413-ULC9   11:00-11:25 am   K-2 Beginners 

More Information

For more information regarding registration and payment, contact: Katey Radant, or 952-232-2169

For more information regarding curriculum and class content, contact: University Language Center at 952-224-5600

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