Family Literacy – Family School

Family Literacy – Family School

Family Literacy recognizes that family is the strongest element in shaping lives and learning. Our community sponsors a program, Family School that encompasses the literacy needs of both parents and young children, family play interaction time, parenting skills, and English as Language Learners programming. On three afternoons each week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 12:30 pm-3:00 pm, families come together to build the tools they need to become stronger and more self-sufficient. These classes are free. Parents learn about key topics; classroom routines, encouraging pre-reading skills, parent-child communication, guest speakers on nutrition, discipline issues, community resources, visits to Heritage Library, teaching responsibility, building routines for children, and solving medical/dental needs. As children learn with an early childhood teacher in the classroom, parents study English in another classroom. Our program has the capability of working with families immigrating from all different countries.

Family School Information

Where Families Succeed (Donde Familias Triunfan). Todas las familias en Distrito Escolsr de Lakeville Son bienvenidas! I go to Family School because: (Yo voy a Family School porque:)

  • I can make friends with other families. (Puedo hacer amistades con otras familias.)
  • I can have fun with my child. (Me divierto con mi nino.)
  • I can learn English. (Aprendo Ingles.)
  • My child learns so many things. (Mi nino aprende muchas cosas.)

A Day at School (Un dia de escuela):

  • I learn about my child and life in U.S. (Aprendo acerca de mi nino y la vida en los EEUU.)
  • My baby can learn too! (Mi bebe puede aprender lambien!)
  • My children learn many things while I learn English. (Mis ninos aprenden muchas cosas mientras aprendo ingles.)

School Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 12 noon—3 PM (El martes, el miercoles, el jueves de las 12 mediodia a 3 PM) Come Join Us! Contact 952-232-3009 or stop by from 12 PM to 3 PM for information on Families Enjoying Learning Together at the Crystal Lake Education Center, 16250 Ipava Ave, Lakeville, MN 55044. Las familias que Gozan Aprender SENTIAN Juntos las familias de bienvenidas Lakeville para unir! Call for more information at: Llame 952-232-3009 par mas informacion

For information and/or to enroll, please contact:

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