Visiting Our Facilities

Lakeville Area Public Schools has installed new Access Control Systems (ACS) in 14 of our district buildings, including the 3 middle schools, 8 elementary schools, Area Learning Center, Community Education Building and Crystal Lake Education Center.  Activation will take place on a school by school basis. Some buildings activated over the summer while others will start this fall.  The Community Education Building and Crystal Lake Education Center have already been activated.  If you plan to visit, please bring your MN state ID to swipe upon entrance. For more information, visit the Visitor Management System website.

The ACS will enhance the security and emergency management efforts of our District and is a major step forward for the Lakeville Area Public Schools. Our students are the District’s greatest asset, and providing greater peace of mind to parents, families, and the community about the safety and security of our students is very important to all of us.

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