Distance Learning 2.0

Distance Learning 2.0 - Secondary and Elementary Students in Distance LearningFor the health and safety of all students, staff and families, we are transitioning to full-time Distance Learning for all levels. This is not the same emergency distance learning you experienced in the spring. Distance Learning 2.0 is a structured and comprehensive learning experience. Our teaching and learning experts have been improving upon the distance learning that took place in the spring when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Distance Learning 2.0 has been designed to support the academic and social-emotional success of every student. Here’s what your students and families can expect:

  • Consistent schedule with virtual and offline learning; live and self-paced instruction
  • Consistent learning platform via school-issued iPads
  • Courses designed around how students learn best online
  • Prioritizing the highest needs of our students

What Does Distance Learning 2.0 Mean?

All students will learn from home five days per week following a consistent schedule. Student learning time during Distance Learning 2.0 includes both live instruction and self-paced learning. 

5-Day Distance Learning Calendar

Live Instruction Live Instruction

Live, virtual classes with teachers. This is sometimes referred to as synchronous learning.

Self-Paced LearningSelf-Paced Learning

Students work on their own time and learn through recorded lessons and teacher-directed assignments, using online or offline materials. This is sometimes referred to as asynchronous learning.

Learning Groups SuspendedLearning Groups Join Together

Students will no longer be split into learning groups and high school students who opted for distance learning instead of the hybrid model will no longer be separate from their peers. All students in a class will participate in learning together in Distance Learning 2.0.

Distance Learning 2.0 Details

Click on the icons to learn more about how different grade levels, activities, sports, facilities use, meals and more will all operate under Distance Learning 2.0.

PreK Early Childhood IconElementary IconMiddle School IconHigh School IconChild Care Icon

Meals IconTech Support

Distance Learning Checklist

Make sure you are ready for Distance Learning 2.0. Review the family checklist that was emailed on Friday, November 13 to see a list of helpful links to information and resources for Distance Learning 2.0.

Distance Learning 2.0 Family Checklist

Transition Timeline

Please note the important calendar changes for elementary and secondary students for the month of November as we begin to transition to Distance Learning 2.0. LinK12 Lakeville students will continue their regular schedule and are not affected by this transition.

K-12 Transition Timeline



















Equity for All

We are dedicated to ensuring that all of our students have equal access to education, resources, information and support throughout this pandemic and beyond. We will provide specialized support for students who may face higher barriers. Lakeville Area Schools will continue to provide limited on-site services for our most vulnerable students. Impacted families will be contacted regarding service options.

Shifting Models Back to Hybrid/In-Person

As COVID-19 case rates continue to increase at this time, we plan to remain in Distance Learning 2.0 through at least Winter Break. We will continue to track county case rate data and district case rate data reported among our schools. We will continue to track how our operations are affected by this ever-changing pandemic. We will continue to update you frequently as we assess and evaluate data and determine when it is safe to return students to school buildings.

When we are close to being able to shift back to Hybrid or In-Person learning, will be doing a calendar review to ensure learning group in-person days are balanced.

What Does This Mean for LinK12 Lakeville?

Current LinK12 Lakeville students are not affected by the district’s transition to Distance Learning 2.0. There are no calendar or schedule changes for LinK12 students.

While Lakeville Area Schools is in the Distance Learning 2.0 model, any student who is not already enrolled in LinK12 will participate in distance learning through their school building. LinK12 is not accepting new enrollments from Lakeville Area Schools students during this time since it is provided through their neighborhood school.

If the learning model transitions back to hybrid or in-person, then LinK12 Lakeville will begin accepting new enrollments for Lakeville Area Schools students who want to participate in full-time distance learning instead. This is in accordance with the State of Minnesota’s Safe Learning Plan.

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