Meals During Distance Learning 2.0

FREE weekly meal kits for ALL Lakeville Area Children ages 2-18

Breakfast and LunchWe welcome all children ages 2-18 in our community to sign up for FREE weekly meal kits during Distance Learning 2.0. There are no qualifications to be eligible for free meals. Meal kits include seven breakfasts and seven lunches. We are also offering new menu items, including themed meal kits like make your own pizza and Asian- or Mexican-inspired meals. For more information and to view menus and heating instructions for the meal kits, visit the Student Nutrition website:

See Lunch Menus

Sign Up or Re-Enroll for Meals

If you would like to begin receiving meals during Distance Learning 2.0, or if you have been receiving 3-day meal kits during hybrid learning and would like to continue receiving meals, please fill out this form. This is a one-time sign up.

*Any student who was already participating in Distance Learning through Link-12, LNHS or LSHS and already receiving meals will automatically be rolled over to continue receiving meal kits. 

Free 7-Day Meal Kit Enrollment Form

Where to Pick Up Meals

Beginning on Tuesday, December 1, meals will be available for pick up at the following times and locations. After filling out the form, families will receive an email indicating where they should pick up their meals.

Meal Pick Up Locations and Times

If you would like meals, but cannot get to our schools

Please still fill out the meal sign-up form. There is a place on the form where you can indicate if you are unable to pick up meals. The district may be able to accommodate meal delivery in certain circumstances. Families who are homebound, homeless or who qualify for free and reduced price meals will be given priority.

Important Dates for Students Currently Receiving 3-Day Meal Packs

If you have already signed up to receive meals during hybrid learning, here is how your students will get their meals during this transition period.

Monday, Nov. 16 – Last day in person for Group A, all levels 

  • Students take home 4 meal kits 

Tuesday, Nov. 17 – Last day in person for Group B, secondary 

  • Students take home 3 meal kits

Thursday, Nov. 19 – Last day in person for Group B, elementary

  • Students take home 3 meal kits

Monday, Nov. 23 or Tuesday, Nov. 24

  • Look for an email providing information about how you can pick up 9 meal kits for your students to have for meals through Thanksgiving up to our next distribution of meal kits the week of November 30.
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