High School Hybrid Learning Model

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In the hybrid learning model, High School students (grades 9-12) will be split into two learning groups in an AA/Flex/BB schedule rotation. Students will learn in-person at their schools two days a week and participate in distance learning three days a week. The AA/Flex/BB rotation will be based on household so all children within a family will be placed on the same schedule. 

All learning experiences will include a mix of in person, live virtual small group meetings and self-paced learning, depending on the needs of each student. Teachers will provide lessons to meet the standards of each grade level.

High School Learning Group Assignments

Students will be divided into the two learning groups alphabetically by their last name. Students with different last names living in the same household will be placed in the same group, even across building levels. Students A-L will be placed in Group A and students M-Z will be placed in Group B. Some adjustments may be made to accommodate special education and english language learners or to balance Learning Group sizes.

High School Weekly Schedule

High School On-Site Learning Days

High school students will learn on-site two days a week on the days their learning group is assigned, as laid out in the weekly schedule above. The school day starts and ends at its regular times:

  • Lakeville North High School  8:02 a.m. to 2:37 p.m.
  • Lakeville South High School  8:02 a.m. to 2:37 p.m.
  • Area Learning Center 8:10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

High school students will attend all classes at the time they are assigned in the room that appears on each student’s schedule. Classes in buildings will prioritize labs, work, assessments, and hands-on experiences that are better suited for in-person learning.

Lunch will be offered in the cafeteria during assigned lunch periods. Social distancing guidelines of 6 feet at meal times will be followed to the fullest extent possible, and additional health and safety precautions will be implemented during lunch periods.

Passing times will be shortened and traffic patterns will be clearly marked to avoid large crowds in hallways. Students are expected to move swiftly from one class to the next and to not congregate in hallways, commons or in bathrooms.

High School Distance Learning Days

High school students will participate in distance learning three days a week. Students will learn by watching pre-recorded video lessons posted by their teachers and/or completing assignments posted by their teachers. Teachers will post lessons and assignments in Schoology each morning before the school day begins.

Students will engage in learning activities that are approximately 20-30 minutes in length with work time to round out each class period.

  • Please note: AP class times may be longer

High School Flex Wednesdays

Each Wednesday, high school students’ distance learning lessons will be condensed so they have the opportunity to also engage in personalized learning experiences and receive support, including: 

  • enrichment opportunities like diving deeper on a specific topic with a small group or individually
  • intervention opportunities, like reviewing a lesson to ensure understanding with a small group or individually
  • check-ins with school staff on social emotional learning and well-being

Unlike Wellness Wednesdays that were implemented in the Spring, new learning will be provided and students will be expected to engage in lessons.

Wednesdays will provide time for staff to participate in ongoing professional development to ensure your students continue to receive high quality education in the hybrid learning model.

High School Grading and Assessment

Grades are reported as A, B, C, D, F, P (pass) or NC (no credit) along with pluses and minuses. Teachers will update student scores and grades throughout the term and finalize grades in Infinite Campus at the end of the quarter and semester. Student progress will be formally reported four times per year.

Teachers will administer common building and district assessments both in-person and in the distance learning environments. Teachers will explore a variety of assessments to meet student needs. 

High School Attendance

In-Person AA/BB Days

On in-person days, teachers will take attendance via Infinite Campus for every class period. Students who are not present will be marked as absent or tardy. 

Distance Learning Days

On Distance Learning days, students or their families must check-in once per each learning day through the Infinite Campus Portal. If student’s don’t check in by 11:59 p.m. on any given distance learning day, they will be marked as “Unexcused, Not Checked In.”

NOTE: High school students in the full-time Distance Learning Option must also follow this same check-in process.

If a child is showing any signs of illness they should stay home and their parent/caregiver should call the school building’s attendance line to report them as absent.

How to Check-In on Infinite Campus Portal

To check-in on the Infinite Campus Portal for distance learning days, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Log-In to the appropriate Student or Parent portal
  2. Click on “Today”
  3. Under “Check-Ins,” click “Attendance”
  4. Click the blue “Yes, I’m Here” button
  5. To check your student’s attendance details, click “Attendance” on the left-hand menu

How to Check-In Instructions With Visual Examples

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Check-In Instructions for Students

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Check-In Instructions for Parents

Contacting Your School’s Attendance Office

An automated phone call will be sent if your student is marked absent (without an excuse provided) during in-school days or the next school day if your student does not check in by 11:59 p.m. on their previous distance learning day. You will be asked to contact your school’s attendance office to provide a reason for your student’s absence, to explain if you think the absence is a mistake, or to ask any questions. If your student is ill, please describe the symptoms they are having. The following is the attendance office contact information for each secondary school.

Century Middle School: 952-232-2318
Kenwood Trail Middle School: ktmsattendance@isd194.org  |  952-232-3818
McGuire Middle School: 952-232-2218

Lakeville North High School: lnhsattendance@isd194.org  |  952-232-3618
Lakeville South High School: lshsattendance@isd194.org  |  952-232-3318
Area Learning Center: 952-232-2089

Classroom and Schoolwide Supports

Social-emotional learning is a critical component for student success, regardless of the instructional model. Lakeville Area Schools is committed to the social, emotional, and behavioral success of all students, especially during this unprecedented time. We recognize your child’s success will result from positive and predictable environments that cultivate connection and sense of belonging, teach skills to build resilience and navigate uncertainty, and detect struggles as they happen.

We recognize students are experiencing a variety of feelings and thoughts about the adjustments they will experience this school year, which can result in disengagement. Throughout the school year, buildings will monitor student progress for signs of academic, social, emotional, and behavioral struggles. If we detect emerging concerns, we will work with students and families to identify effective strategies and supports that promote engagement and student success.

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