Acceptable Use Policy

The Lakeville Area Public Schools Acceptable Use Policy was developed to explain the rights and responsibilities of students using electronic resources such as the computer network, district computers, personal computers on school grounds as well as websites that extend the classroom experience. The general ideas in the policy reflect the importance of responsible use:

  1. Privacy – Students will protect their privacy and respect the privacy of others.
  2. Property – Students will protect their property and respect the property of others.
  3. Appropriate Use – Students will use technology in constructive ways.

Once you have reviewed these concepts with your student, you can return the form to your school to verify that you have read them.

Directory Information

Directory information regarding a student is public information under state and federal law.  Directory information includes, but is not limited to, a student’s name, address, telephone number, email address, photograph, date and place of birth, attendance dates, grade level, participation in activities and sports, degrees and awards received, and weight/height of athletic team participants.  Directory Information also includes the parents’ names, addresses and phone numbers.

Release of Photographs and/or Recordings

A student’s photograph/recording is also directory information and may be released.  A student may be photographed or recorded while at school or participating in school activities/events.  Care is taken to insure that the student and learning/activity/event environment is portrayed appropriately.

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