Intra District Transfer

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Intra District Transfer is an option for students who live in the Lakeville Area Schools boundary area, but wish to attend a different school in the district other than the one assigned to their residence.


The district is now accepting Intra District Transfer applications for the 2021-22 school year.

Placement in Lakeville Area Schools is not first come first served, is not guaranteed, and building placement takes months to determine (if you have not received placement assignment by May 2021, you may contact

We will communicate as soon as we are able should there be schools and grade levels that will not be options due to exceedingly high enrollment numbers, as we have experienced in the past several years. It is recommended that you indicate more than one school choice on your application.

AS OF 5/1/20 INTRA DISTRICT TRANSFER REQUESTS WITHIN LAKEVILLE AREA SCHOOLS IS CLOSED FOR THE 2020-21 SCHOOL YEAR to any additional requests for Elementary School (grades K–5) and Middle School (grades 6-8) placements. There are limited High School (grades 9-12) spots available, and school building preference is not guaranteed.

Please note, the intra-district transfer process applies only to families who currently live within the boundaries of ISD194 and are applying to attend a school other than their attendance area school. If you do not currently live within the boundaries of ISD194, please follow the procedures for open-enrollment

How to Submit Your Application


Fax: 952-469-6054

Mail/drop off to:
Lakeville Area Schools
17630 Juniper Path, Suite A
Lakeville, MN 55044

2021-22 School Year Application Form

2020-21 Forms

While waiting for a decision regarding your Intra District Enrollment application, you are welcome to attend Information Sessions scheduled at your residence assigned school, with the understanding that your student may or may not be approved for that school. If you submit paperwork at a school other than where your student might end up being placed, the paperwork can be easily transferred to the school building of placement.
Once accepted into a particular school, your student may remain there until they transition to a new building without any other application required. When the student transitions to the next level building, you will need to submit a new application if seeking enrollment in a school not assigned to your residence. Although we give high priority to allowing students to transition with their peers provided space is available in that school building, if space is not available your student will attend their residence assigned school and no application will be required.
We strive to allow the student to transition to the middle or high school that the majority of their peers will attend, but evaluation of enrollment numbers each year may necessitate their enrollment to their residence assigned school.
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