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Lakeville Area Schools bus transportation is provided to students who live outside of .8 miles for elementary schools (grades K-5) and 2 miles for secondary schools (grades 6-12) or live in a designated safety zone. All students living within the .8 miles for elementary schools and 2 miles for secondary schools have the option to pay for bus transportation. Transportation zones can be found by using the Attendance Area Finder.

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Transportation FAQs


Q: Do I need to register for transportation? 

A: Go to the Attendance Area Finder and type in your house number and street name. If the transportation zone listed indicates “transportation provided,” you do not need take further action beyond checking your parent portal for route information after Aug. 21. If the transportation zone information indicates you live in a “fee option zone,” you have the option to purchase transportation. You may register and pay the fee online using the Infinite Campus Portal.

Please note, the online payment platform through Infinite Campus has changed from previous years. For instructions on registering in the Infinite Campus Portal, please refer to these step-by-step instructions on paying Transportation fees.

Once you pay and receive the confirmation, you may check the parent portal on or about Aug. 21 for route information. If your child qualifies for free or reduced meals, you may be eligible for assistance. To complete the application for educational benefits, go to Meal Viewer. Please note, families also must register for transportation using the Parent Portal if they live in a “fee-option zone.” Families also may register using the paper form.


Q: Who has the option to pay for transportation?

A: All students who live less than 0.8 miles from Elementary and 2 miles from Secondary schools and not located in a safety zone have the option to pay for bus service. Distances are calculated by the District using computer-aided measurements taken from the school site at the point where buses turn off of the street into the school driveway to the home address farthest driveway-side edge of the property line.


Q: How much is the pay for service fee?

A: The discounted fee is $60 per student if paid before August 23. After August 23 of the upcoming school year, the regular fee is $70 per student. There is no family cap on fees for the 2020-21 school year. 

*NOTE Due to the changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, should the district move to a full-time distance learning model, the fee will be prorated automatically. Should the district move to an in-person model full time, an additional fee may be required.


Q: How were the Safety Zones created?

A: The District Transportation Safety Committee developed criteria to designate safety zones. The committee was comprised of Board of Education members, principals, administration, Schmitty & Sons Bus Co., city of Lakeville and Lakeville Police Department officials. The full list of criteria considered during the process can be found in the Lakeville Area Schools Safety Zone Criteria.


Q: How do I appeal my Transportation Safety Zone location?

A: The Transportation Safety Committee meets quarterly to review appeal requests. We ask that you please fill out the Transportation Safety Zone Appeal Form. Once the committee meets communication will be sent back with a resolution of the appeal. If you have immediate questions or concerns, contact or 952-232-2030.


Q: Why isn’t everyone provided a bus?

A: State law requires public school districts to provide free transportation to all students living 2 or more miles from their school.


Q: How do I register?

A: Registration for busing and to pay the fee online go to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. For instructions on registering in the Portal, please refer to this online document. If you need help setting up your portal account, contact Student Information Services at or 952-232-2048.


Q: Does the fee cover the entire cost?

A: No, the actual average cost to transport a student in the Lakeville Area Schools is $425 per student. The balance is covered by funding from the general education budget for the district.


Q: What about non-public school transportation?

A: All transportation policies and procedures, including pay for service, apply equally to private schools as required by law.


Q: What if I am a new student?

A:  You may enter your address on the Attendance Area Finder to find out if you have the option to pay for bus service. Students newly enrolled in the district may pay for transportation with the discount fee of $60 per student. New students enrolled on or before January 1 of the current school year will be charged the full annual fee. New students enrolled after January 1 of the current school year will be charged 50 percent of the annual fee.


Q: My family receives a waiver on bus service fees because we are eligible for meal benefits. Do I still have to apply for bus service?

A: Yes. You must submit the transportation application to be assigned to a bus route.


Q: Do part-time riders pay less?

A: There are no reduced fees for one way use of the service (morning or afternoon). Transportation services are based on the daily student count. Costs do not change for children who ride the bus only one way or do not ride every day. There are no reduced fees for part-time riders.


Q: What if my child attends daycare?

A: The District will follow existing policy and administrative procedure. If your daycare is within a fee option zone, you may pay for service. The same goes for a safety zone: If your daycare is within a designated safety zone, bus transportation will be provided.


Q: Are there alternate stops?

A: We will follow existing policy and administrative procedure.


Q: What are the rules for Intra-district Enrollment?

A: The closest existing stop to home that is within the intra district boundary determines the pay for service status for those requesting transportation.


Q: Are there prorated payments or refunds?

A: No, costs will not be prorated for current residents requesting transportation at any point beyond the start of the school year. Also, refunds will not be provided for non-use or discontinued use of the service after the first day of school.


Q: What if my child attends a non-public school?

A. Lakeville Area Schools may provide transportation to District residents choosing to send their children to non-public schools outside the District when monetary reimbursement is provided in lieu of public school transportation. Based on state regulations, this reimbursement can be up to, but may not exceed, the pupil transportation reimbursement amount received by the District from the State of Minnesota, less 5 percent for district administrative costs. Visit the Non-Public Schooling web page to apply for reimbursement.

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