Principals Message

Dear Students, Parents/Guardians, Faculty and Staff of Lakeville North High School:

After thirteen incredibly fulfilling years serving as the principal of Lakeville North High School, I want to share with you my recent decision to retire.

I want to acknowledge with deep thanks the District’s support for me during the past twenty-five years in this district. I am leaving with mixed emotions, as I have enjoyed this job so much and yet know other opportunities await me.

When I first came to the district and was hired by Superintendent Carl Wahlstrom, I knew this was a rapidly growing district that would provide me many opportunities to develop my abilities. With the collaborative effort of the students, parents, and staff, we became a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and a source of pride for the community.

It’s not every administrator who has the kind of staff that I have been privileged to work with, all of whom have been consistently supportive, selfless, and understanding. Together we have developed what I believe is one of the best schools anywhere and for that I am immensely proud. Our students continue to excel above the state and national level academically and this would not have been possible without the backing and support of caring parents.

Over the next few weeks, the Executive Director of Administrative Services, Tony Massaros, will be working with a team of staff, students and parents from Lakeville North High School to recruit and hire the next principal. I will continue to serve in this capacity until the end of the school year.

I love kids, schools and all that is involved in education. I don’t plan to lose sight of that. My hope is to find new challenges and this is an opportune time to make that transition into the next stage of my life. Lakeville truly is a special place. I am honored to have served this community and I leave with many fond memories.



Marne Berkvam

Principal – Lakeville North High School

Vision: Inspire a passion for learning in every student.


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