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The Lakeville Area Public Schools 2019 – 2020 Program of Studies

At Lakeville North High School, we believe in preparing successful future-ready students. To accomplish this, we offer a wide selection of courses, provide a culture of support and the resources necessary to achieve at high levels.

The curriculum guide for Lakeville Area high schools is the Program of Studies 2019-2020.  Included in this joint document for Lakeville North, Lakeville South and LINK12 Lakeville is an overview of each of twelve curricular areas and descriptions of all courses offered in each area.  Parents and students are encouraged to review this document and all accompanying information to assist in planning an educational program and accounting for student’s completion of credits for graduation. While parents and students are primarily responsible for assuring students meet all requirements for graduation, deans and the LINK12 Lakeville program director are available to assist, support, and provide guidance in the process.

All transferred classes/credits entered on the student’s transcript will be counted in the cumulative grade point average and class rank


Academic Awards and Honors:

Lakeville High Schools grant academic awards and honors to students. To be eligible for such awards and honors, a student in 12th grade must complete a minimum of 12 semester classes on a Lakeville High School campus. Students in grades 9-11 must complete a minimum of 5 semester classes on a Lakeville High School campus.

Academic Lettering:

Students must obtain a 3.7 overall GPA during one academic year to be eligible for a letter. To apply for an academic letter, students/parent will need to go to their FeePay registration account and select the year they wish to apply (no cost) for a letter. LNHS Deans will then review the application and students will be advised as to whether they have qualified for an academic letter. Please note, LNHS provides all students with their first activity letter “L” for Lakeville. Any subsequent lettering academically or in any other activity/sport, the students will need to purchase their own patches/pins/bars at any sport lettering shop. 

To apply:

Senior Academic Honors Recognition:

Senior academic honors recognition is awarded according to the following criteria: 

Summa Cum Laude       =         4.0 and above GPA

Magna Cum Laude        =         3.85 – 3.99 GPA

Cum Laude                    =         3.7 – 3.84 GPA

Senior Academic Honors Recognition is determined by the cumulative GPA for each student at the end of the first semester senior year.

Academic Grading Information

         Common Grading Scale                                                               G.P.A. and Class Rank


                               Lower                  Upper                                               Weighted                          Non                                   

Grade                  Cutoff                  Cutoff                  Grade                  AP Classes                  Weighted

A                                94%                   100%                          A                            5.0                             4.0

A-                               90%                     93%                          A-                           4.7                             3.7

B+                              87%                     89%                          B+                          4.3                             3.3

B                                83%                     86%                          B                            4.0                             3.0

B-                               80%                     82%                          B-                           3.7                             2.7

C+                             77%                      79%                          C+                          3.3                             2.3

C                               73%                      76%                          C                            3.0                             2.0

C-                              70%                      72%                          C-                           2.7                            1.7

D+                             67%                      69%                          D+                          2.3                             1.3

D                               63%                       66%                         D                            2.0                             1.0

D-                              60%                      62%                          D-                          1.7                             0.7

F                                  0                          59%



All of the above grades affect grade point average and class rank.

P                  =                  Pass Grade

NC               =                  No Credit 

How to Figure GPA:

  • Add point values for classes.
  • Divide by the number of classes marked.

Class rank is determined by the numerical comparison of class members’ cumulative GPA’s. Class rank and grade point average are calculated on the basis of credits earned. PSEO and University of Minnesota Talented Youth Mathematics Program (UMTYMP) grades are reflected on the transcript. PSEO and UMTYMP grades are not weighted and affect GPA and class rank. Honors courses are not weighted; only Advanced Placement courses are weighted.

Credits transferred (from another high school or any accredited institution) are credited toward state and district graduation requirements. Disclosure of students’ relevant high school academic records, wherever their credits have been earned, will be provided by Lakeville High Schools to post-secondary institutions to the extent permitted by Minnesota law.

Incomplete Grades:

Students who, for acceptable reasons (e.g., illness, family emergency), receive an incomplete mark (“I”) at the end of the quarter/semester will have two weeks to complete the work required.  After the two week period, the grade will be issued. Exceptions may be granted when special circumstances exist.

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