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Career Center Information and Resources:

PEER TUTORS & Online Learning Tech Assistance:

Would like a Peer Tutor? Please email your name, grade, subject needed assistance in, and cell phone number to:

If you wish to BE a Peer Tutor, please email your name, grade, subjects willing to tutor, and cell phone number to:

We will then email you through your school Google Gmail account once we have a suitable tutor for you in your subject.

Peer Tutors that already have been assigned this school year, will need to assist their individual students by virtual calls (such as Zoom), phone calls, or text to assist their student with their subject. You should not be meeting at this time face to face.

ONLINE Assistance:

If you need assistance with your online learning class device please email Angela or John at:

Information for Zoom Closed Captioning

High School Transcripts:

Career Center Coordinator:  Kresson Hrdlichka
Phone: #952-232-3606


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