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ACT & SAT Advantage Prep Course Registration and Information


ACT   (American College Test)

JUNIOR students will be taking a free ACT college entrance exam on February 25, 2020. Registration for this exam only, will be done in school. As the date approaches, students will be assigned to a testing room, which will be available on their Infinite Campus schedule.

To help prepare for the exam, you can download this Prep Booklet from ACT


Grade Levels Tested: 10th -12th grades
Required Test to Graduate: No
College Entrance Exam: Yes, score used for admissions and scholarships
Test Preparation:|See LNHS “Pre-testing Assistance” below, to visit page links for practice tests
–ACT Test Prep Booklet available in the LNHS Career Center  visit their website.  It is a free student preparation booklet and includes test information, complete practice tests with scoring keys, and a writing prompt. The booklet can be viewed and downloaded on The ACT Student Test Prep website.
Test Registration:   ACT
Lakeville North High School Code: #241325
Test Results: Email notification to student
Description: The ACT college entrance test is available for all students in grades 10-12, but commonly taken the junior year in high school. It is considered the “universal college entrance exam” throughout the Midwest area and a curriculum-based test. Students may take this test several times and continue to improve their scores, typically up through the fall of their senior high school year. Students register for this test through the ACT web site. This test is taken at a designated high school, and it assesses students in reading, math, english and science subjects.

Testing Dates:      2019-20

Test Date Deadline Late Deadline Online Score Release*
14-Sep-19 16-Aug-19 1-Sep-19 Sept 24, Oct 10, 2019
26-Oct-19 27-Sep-19 13-Oct-19 Nov 12, Nov 26, 2019
14-Dec-19 8-Nov-19 25-Nov-19 Dec 24, 2019, Jan 7, 2020
8-Feb-20 10-Jan-20 17-Jan-20 Feb 18, Mar 3, 2020
4-Apr-20 29-Feb-20 16-Mar-20 Apr 14, Apr 28, 2020
13-Jun-20 8-May-20 25-May-20 June 23, July 7, 2020
18-Jul-20 19-Jun-20 29-Jun-20 July 28, Aug 11, 2020


PSAT (Preliminary SAT/Nat’l Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test)

Grade Levels Tested:  10th & 11th grade
Required Test to Graduate: No
College Entrance Exam: No
Test Preparation: & PSAT Practice Test
Test Registration: Available in Sept/Oct at LNHS
Test Results: Mailed to students from College Board mid summer
Description:  The PSAT/NMSQT is a standardized test administered by the College Board and cosponsored by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) in the United States. Sophomore students may take the test as a pre-SAT (college entrance) test  or for taking the PSAT their Junior year PSAT for National Merit Program eligibility. Junior students may take this test to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship program. If the PSAT is taken as a Sophomore, and still wish to qualify for National Merit, as a Junior they MUST take the test again to obtain a new score.

Test Date:    October 9, 2019


SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test -SAT & SAT Subject Tests)

Grade Levels Tested: 10th- 12th grade
Required Test to Graduate: No
College Entrance Exam: Yes, score usually used for admission to coastal colleges and universities Test Preparations: See LNHS “Pre-testing Assistance”, “Testing & Assessments” page links for practice tests, or  Prep Booklet in the LNHS Career Center
Test Registration:
Lakeville North High School Code: #241 325
Test Results: Mailed to students by College Board (approx. 2 months)
Description: The SAT college entrance test is taken by students before entering a college or university that is typically located outside of the Midwest area. Students should check college websites for entrance exam testing and admission requirements. This test measures critical thinking, analyzing problems in math, reading, and writing. Students sign up for this test through College Board. The SAT Subject tests measure a specific academic subject. These tests consist of five subjects: english, history, math, sciences, and languages. Some colleges require 2 or more subject test scores to be submitted with applications.

Test Dates & Times:  2019-20

SAT Test Date Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline* SAT Scores Release Date*
24-Aug-19 24-Jul-19 11-Aug-19 Monday, September 16, 2019
5-Oct-19 5-Sep-19 23-Sep-19 October 18-24, 2019
2-Nov-19 2-Oct-19 20-Oct-19 November 15-21, 2019
7-Dec-19 7-Nov-19 25-Nov-19 December 20-26, 2019
14-Mar-20 13-Feb-20 24-Feb-20 March 27-31, 2020
2-May-20 2-Apr-20 20-Apr-20 May 15-21, 2020
6-Jun-20 6-May-20 23-May-20 Wednesday, July 15, 2020



Minnesota Career Information Systems (MCIS)

MCIS establishes personal students’ portfolios. MCIS create students’ own personal high school career class plans, college search information, free practice college entrance testing and prep assistance, scholarships available, and more!  —If students have not established their own accounts, come to the LNHS Career Center for their account information.

 MCIS Student Log-in

ACT/SAT College Exam Pre-Testing Assistance


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