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LNHS Senior Scholarships



When applicants are selected for an LNHS scholarship, they will be notified by mail, (approximately the first week of May), and asked to attend the LNHS Senior Awards Program, to receive their scholarship.  


LNHS Scholarships          – General Application
Due March 6, 2019,  by 3pm

  • LATE applications will not be accepted 
  • Available to all LNHS senior students 
  • Return the LNHS Scholarship application to the LNHS Career Center  
  • High School TRANSCRIPT will AUTOMATICALLY be created for this application 
  • Attach with paperclip, any additional items to the application, such as a recommendation letter(s), forms and/or essays
  • The LNHS Application DOES NOT require an envelope 
  • ONE teacher recommendation letter is required, applicants should complete this TEACHER RECOMMENDATION FORM and allow 2 weeks for the letter to be completed and RETURNED TO THE APPLICANT and attach to the application.   (The Apple Autos Scholarship requires a total of TWO recommendations be attached to the LNHS application)

To apply for ALL of the scholarships listed here,The LNHS Scholarship application’s criteria consists of community/volunteer involvement, academic achievement, all around good student, leadership, role model, extra-curricular/work activities, plus any additional individual scholarship requirements listed below (essays, extra letters of recommendation, etc.

LNHS Scholarships Application includes:

  • Apple Autos1/$2500, (TWO recommendation letters (an additional letter needed for just this scholarship for a total of two letters attached to application) and also attach essay by using  information

  • Century Middle School Scholarship…2/$500, attach by using  information, and attended CMS

  • Dakota Electric Association Scholarship…10/$1000

  • David Lunde Memorial/Wold Architect & Engineering Scholarship…1/$1000 (pursuing architecture or building design, mechanical or electrical engineering)

  • Eastview Elementary PTO Scholarship…2/$500 (attended EVE)

  • Joey Dokken Memorial Scholarship…1/$2500 (activities, ex. Math League, Soccer, Boy Scouts, Band)

  • Kopp Family Foundation Scholarship…5/$500

  • Lakeville North Variety Show Scholarship…TBD (previous years, 4/$500)

  • Lion Ray Jesh Memorial Scholarship…5/$1000 (2 yr community, tech, or 4 yr college applicant)

  • Oak Hills Elementary PTO Scholarship…1/$200 (attended OHE, 3.0 GPA)

  • Reiss Family Scholarship…4/$4000, pursuing Special Education, special needs volunteer encouraged, and attach an essay using  information

Scholarships needing additional requirements (such as an essay) are listed ABOVE for viewing and/or printing as needed



LNHS Scholarships      – Individual Donor Applications
Due March 6, 2019,  by 3pm

  • LATE applications will not be accepted
  • Available to all LNHS senior students
  • Return all individual applications and materials to the LNHS Career Center
  • High School TRANSCRIPTS will automatically be created for each application
  • Allow 2 weeks for any recommendation letters to be written
  • Attach with a paperclip, any additional items, including any recommendation letter, forms and essays to the application. —Applicants may use a copy of the same recommendation letter that may have been used for the LNHS Scholarship Application (above)
  • The applications listed below, DO NOT require an envelope
  • For recommendation letters, applicants should complete this Teacher Recommendation Form and allow 2 weeks for the letter to be completed and RETURNED TO APPLICANT to attach to each application as needed


-American Red Cross Educational Scholarship Program

The American Red Cross Educational Scholarship Program is donating 2/$500 scholarships, which is based on the amount of blood donated from LNHS each year.  Applicants need to complete a  based upon, and using the page as a cover for their essay.

-Cherry View Elementary PTO Scholarship

Cherry View Elementary is awarding 1/$500 scholarship to a past CVE student.  Recipient must have attended CVE the majority of their elementary years, and may be attending a 2 or a 4 year college.  Applicant must use  and attache a letter of recommendation.

-Fairview Ridges Medical Staff Student Scholarship

The Fairview Ridges Hospital medical staff is pleased to sponsor 1/$1500 scholarship to a deserving, academically outstanding senior student.  Applicant must be a high academic achiever, outstanding school and community citizen, and planning to attend college in the fall with any field of college study. (DO NOT turn in this application to your Dean for attending the Fairview breakfast …as directed on the application).  Recipient’s Dean will be notified of the breakfast banquet once the recipient has been selected. Applicants should complete and return  to the Career Center.

-Flint Hills Resources Discovery Scholarship

Flint Hill Resources Discovery Scholarship is awarding 2/$2500 scholarships to recipients who have demonstrated leadership and entrepreneurial skills, 3.7 GPA or higher, pursuing a career in a math or science related field.  Print the  as it contains the scholarship criteria, complete the cover page and release form, and submit their cover page, essay, release form, 2 letters of recommendation, and a wallet sized ACTUAL PHOTO (prints, no photo copies) to the Career Center. (This photo is used for announcing the recipients’ by Flint Hills Resources)

-Jake Flynn Memorial Scholarship     (Applicant interview REQUIRED on 3/11/19, starting at 2:45pm)

The Jake Flynn Memorial is awarding 1/$5000 scholarship. This memorial scholarship is being awarded in memory of Jake Flynn to an outstanding student and good character, is an athlete, is involved in extra-curricular and can demonstrate financial need. All applicants are required to attend a STUDENT INTERVIEW on Monday, March 11, 2019, beginning at 2:45pm in the Career Center. Applicants should complete  submit their essay, and attach a recommendation letter to the Career Center by the due date.

-Lakeville Rotary Club “Service Above Self Scholarship”

The Lakeville Rotary Club is awarding 2/$1000 scholarships to students with unique leadership skills and achievements in the community, volunteerism (helping others), entrepreneurial spirit and attitude for future career plans, has overcome obstacles, and can demonstrate a financial need.  Applicants should apply using  and submit a letter of recommendation.

-Matt Heisler Scholarship

The Matt Heisler Scholarship awards 2/$1002 scholarships to students who demonstrate unselfishness, being a true friend, puts others first, caring, athlete, hard working, high spirited, an organ donor, and has a passion for the outdoors. This award has been established as a memorial to Matt Heisler, a 2011 graduate and four-year Lakeville North football player. In his tragic death, Matt donated his organs which impacted over 60 people’s lives.  Applicants should complete  and refer to   information when completing their essay.

-Nate Rasmussen Memorial Scholarship

The Nate Rasmussen Memorial Scholarship is awarding 1/$1500 scholarship.  This memorial scholarship is given in memory to Nate Rasmussen by his family and friends to a student who is involved in the community/work, sports, and activities.  Applicants should complete  and submit a recommendation letter.



Establish an LNHS Scholarship

Scholarship donors interested in establishing a scholarship for LNHS students, please contact the Career Center. In order to be considered as an LNHS academic scholarship, the award must be offered to all senior students at LNHS.  All scholarships are established by the end January for each school year, and due in March. Scholarship recipients are selected and recognized in May at the Senior Awards Program.

LNHS Career Center Coordinator
Kresson Hrdlichka

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