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Senior Year Information College&Career

Welcome LNHS Senior Year Information. Below is a description of many topics which pertain to the last year of high school. In addition, be sure to check the Senior Calendar, Senior Party, and Senior Poster, and the Career Center links. Please continue to refer back to this page for continuous updates. A letter will also be sent home in May with specific information concerning graduation. All senior students should check the Senior Students Calendar often to help keep them updates on events, which is located on the LNHS homepage, the Calendars tab.            Senior Students’ Calendar   



Senior Poster Information

All posters are due to the Cornerstone Copy Center, Lakeville. Students may also drop off their laminated posters at the LNHS staff upper level entrance, the Administrative Office into a filing shelf cabinet.


Selective Service Information

ALL SENIOR MALE STUDENTS MUST REGISTER WITH THE SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM THROUGH THE NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL REGISTRARS PROGRAM Visit: Registrars reinforce the importance of registering with Selective Service to qualify for student loans and grants, job training and federal employment. Registrars also direct students to register online.

Career Center

The CAREER CENTER has a variety of information to help you plan your future. Visit the Career Center, or click onto the Career Center for all information.  On Twitter?  Follow @lnhs4college&career

Students should come to the Career Center several days before a visit to sign up and obtain a pass to attend a visit.

Senior Job Shadow

For complete Job Shadow information visit the Career Center Job Shadow website

The Job Shadow Packet is a graduation requirement and is due to the Career Center, along with a thank you letter to their mentor, and an address/stamped/unsealed envelope.          Due:   January 9, 2019


College/Scholarship Letters of Recommendation

Students can ask their Dean and/or teachers/coaches to write letters of recommendations. Allow two weeks for the letters to be completed. Students should complete the forms below and deliver them to the person who will write the recommendation.  (It is suggested students pick up these letters when they are completed for scholarship mailings.) For college admissions, and the forms required for LNHS, students should visit the Career Center website. Forms needed from LNHS recommendation letters can be found on the Career Center Forms webpage. For complete scholarship procedures and information students, should visit the Career Center website for awards being offered each year. Forms needed from LNHS recommendation letters can be found on the Career Center Forms webpage.

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