Staff Directory


LSHS School Directory

Murphy Shaun Principal 3310
McDermott Kelly Dean of Students (A-E) 3339
Kelly Dana Dean of Students (F-Le) 3335
Boche John Dean of Students (Li-Rog) 3332
Donner Paul Dean of Students (Rol-Z) 3334
Dasovich Tom Activities Director 3321
Office Support Staff
Mohn Tamara Office Manager 3301
Rogness Naomi Activities Assistant 3320
Allen Heather Dean’s Assistant 3330
Beschorner Angela Dean’s Assistant 3331
Nelson Deborah Bookkeeper 3322
Mjelleli Emily District Nurse 3305
Barragan Katie Health Assistant 3319
Peters Patricia Receptionist 3311
Peterson Julie Career Center/Testing Assistant 3306
Lindquist Rhonda Attendance Clerk 3318
Swedin Tim Head Custodian 3397
Student Support Staff
Stoa Beth 360 Communities Family Support 3337
Johnson Judy Chemical Health Counselor 3338
Davich Jessica Psychologist 3338
Williams Kris Psychologist 3391
Jensen Greg School Resource Officer 3336 
Zinter Angela Special Education Clerk 3393
Zuehlke Rebecca Special Education Supervisor 2014
Schultz Angela Student Support Specialist 3333
Teaching Staff
Grawe Elizabeth AVID 6362
Hedin Chara AVID 6362 
Roy Anne AVID 6362
McCrary Benjamin Art Teacher 6346
McGovern Grady Art Teacher6564
Bieniek Chad Band Teacher 6349
Castonguay Nick Band Teacher 6349
Brott Julie Choir Teacher 6716
Myers Ann Business Education Teacher 6352
Krebs Tyler Business Education/ English Language Arts/Art Teacher 3471
Burk Benjamin English Language Arts Teacher 6332
King Lisa English Language Arts Teacher 6338
Krebs Tyler English Language Arts Teacher/Business Education/Art 6374
Leier Heather English Language Arts Teacher 6342
Mettlach Paul English Language Arts Teacher 6429
Morgan Shelly English Language Arts Teacher 6848
Otten Derek English Language Arts Teacher 6383
Roth Roshelle English Language Arts Teacher 6398
Roy Anne English Language Arts Teacher 6371
Scovil Jay English Language Arts Teacher 6399
Seis Cale English Language Arts Teacher 6336
Stave Laurie English Language Arts Teacher 6328
Remington Michael English Language Arts/Yearbook Teacher 6368
Castillo Julia ELL Teacher 6758
Zevenbergen Lois Special Education OT 2626
Amundson Angela Special Education Teacher 6617
Crandall Patrick Special Education Speech Language Pathologist 6729
Deyo Joshua Special Education Teacher 6387
Donth Peggy Special Education Teacher 6386
Frisch Ann Special Education Teacher 6341
Kennedy Corey Special Education Teacher 6838
Kimrey Amanda Special Education Teacher 6345
Love Cynthia Special Education Teacher
Payne Renee Special Education Teacher 6330
Rousemiller Katie Special Education Teacher 6334
Sauber Rebecca Special Education Teacher 6736
Schmidtke Paul Special Education Teacher 6381
Sergent Sheri Special Education Teacher 6806
Katzenmeyer Kris Special Education Teacher/DCD 6351
Tschida Pamela Special Education Teacher 6329
Bauer Brooke FACS Teacher 5181
Muske Anne French Teacher 6397
Rasmussen Lisa Hybrid/Online Health/Phy. Ed. Teacher 5375
Wimmer Thomas Industrial Technology Teacher 6348
Arnold Deborah Math Teacher 6356
Bertelsen Mara Math Teacher 6354
Bunting Timothy Math Teacher 6380
Dykhoff Kari Math Teacher 6363
Hedin Chara Math Teacher 6363
Huls David Math Teacher 6335
Liberty Jill Math Teacher 6358
Liberty Mark Math Teacher 6372
Meyer Toni Math Teacher 6357
Miller Sarah Math Teacher 6633
Pearson Mark Math Teacher 6340
Raymond Kari Math Teacher 6364
Golberg Kirk Phy. Ed. Teacher 6325
Matos Deborah Phy. Ed. Teacher 6710
Pieri John Phy. Ed. Teacher 6388
Schultz James Phy. Ed. Teacher 6353
Anderson Lynae Science Teacher 6440
Bauer Benjamin Science Teacher 6376
Currie Robert Science Teacher 6389
Gilmer Jonathan Science Teacher 6344
Just Jason Science Teacher 6333
Nelson Ann Science Teacher 3433
Peters Robert Science Teacher 5182
Redetzke Ronald Science Teacher 6379
Schmitz Pamela Science Teacher 6391
Sommers Jarrett Science Teacher 6331
Weaver Jaylene Science Teacher 6750
Weir Karley Science Teacher 6319
Fleischhacker Jackie STEM 6339
Rawley Daniel STEM 6339
Weber Kurt STEM 6390
Arlt Michael Social Studies Teacher 6337
Bents Claire Social Studies Teacher 6355
Bergan David Social Studies Teacher 6361
Carlson Joseph Social Studies Teacher 6369
English Patricia Social Studies Teacher 6370
Hood Leah Social Studies Teacher 6321
Kohel Michael Social Studies Teacher 6727
Malloy Rachel Social Studies Teacher 6367
McBride Madison Social Studies Teacher 3411
Minske Shane Social Studies Teacher 6847
Regis Diana Social Studies Teacher 6382
Woollen Peter Social Studies Teacher 6393
Benson Peter Spanish Teacher 6795
Demo Heidi Spanish Teacher 5190
Drexler-Booth Katharine Spanish Teacher 6392
Grawe Elizabeth Spanish Teacher 6373
Hassinger Julie Spanish Teacher 6395
McCabe Sarah Spanish Teacher 6360
Sandmann Patricia Spanish Teacher 6396
Reisch Terrance Work Experience 5029
Alger Colette Paraprofessional
Barber Kyla Paraprofessional
Feckler Dawn Paraprofessional
Harder Nina Paraprofessional
Hoffman Kari Paraprofessional
Iannaci Lauren Paraprofessional
Johnson Cheryl Paraprofessional
Kampa Sheri Paraprofessional
Klinkner Olivia Paraprofessional
Maxa Cindy Paraprofessional
McCaffrey Meghan Paraprofessional
Monson Gail Paraprofessional
Peterson Janine Paraprofessional
Schirmer Diana Paraprofessional
Seurer Jacqueline Paraprofessional
Zimmer Berneta Paraprofessional
Wooley Julie Paraprofessional
Sauber Lonie Paraprofessional
Schaeffer Nick Head Cook 3304
Wenum Gordon Media Specialist 3350
Fisher Theresa Media Center Clerk 3351
Cripe Jenifer Computer Lab Assistant 3431
Ledin Julie Computer Lab Assistant 3351
Moulton Derek Computer Lab Assistant 3431
Cecil Jim Technology Integrationist 3488
Mateffy Candy Copy Center Clerk 3348
Redmond Anita Hall Supervisor
VonWald Marnie Hall Supervisor
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