Cougar Information 2020-2021

cropped-Lakeville.School.WebBannersCS6-0631Locker Information

Locker Request for Grades 10-12  Lockers are not automatically being assigned to grades 10-12.
If you would like a locker please complete this quick form and one will be assigned.

Eleyo Calendar for activities.

Applications for Free and Reduced Lunch

English: ,  Consent to Share Information
Spanish: , Consent  to Share Information

Online Application
Please complete the Consent to Share Information in addition to the Application.

Parking Permits

Link to Parking Permits… There are two permit options: semester-long permit for $125.00 or a year-long permit for $225.

School Lunch

School Lunch Menu School Lunch Accounts: Paypams Paypams Instructions

Student Schedule Change/Correction Guidelines

The master schedule is created each year to accommodate course selections made by students. Faculty members are employed, textbooks are purchased, and rooms are assigned based on student course requests. When a student registers for a class, he/she has the responsibility of remaining in the class and completing it. Students will have the same teacher for all year-long courses (when teachers’ schedules permit).

All schedule change requests must be submitted to the Dean prior to the end of the third day of the semester. Schedule changes are subject to parent approval, administrative approval, and class availability, without exceeding maximum class size.

The only acceptable educational reasons for a schedule change are:

• Seniors who need a course to fulfill a graduation requirement

• An inappropriate level or sequence placement (i.e., Spanish 3 not 2, AP/Honors to a General Course)

• An obvious error in schedule (i.e., same class twice)

• Prerequisites that have not been fulfilled

• Would like to opt-in to a higher level/ more rigorous version of their current course (i.e., General Course to AP/Honors)

Schedule changes will not be made for these reasons:

• Specific teacher request

• Switch sections of the same course to get a different teacher

• Requested change would exceed class size capacity

• Desire to have a certain lunch schedule

• Desire to be with friends

• Desire to have a class at a certain time of the day

Seniors may request to be a student aide by completing the Student Aide Application form located in Student Services. This completed form must be turned into the Dean prior to the end of the third day of the semester. Students must keep a minimum of 6 classes as a freshman, sophomore, and junior and a minimum of 5 classes as seniors.

Students interested in requesting a change in their schedule can obtain a Schedule Change Form in the Student Services Office.

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